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July 11, 2007


Father M.

This posting has, in a way, helped me to understand why my mother has named her newly acquired Boston Terrier, "Mr. Darcy."


What larks! I may need to return to Northanger Abbey. While long acquainted with the worthy Jane and her admirable real men, I've fallen into a limiting habit, reading only my favorites (Persuasion, Mansfield Park and Emma), and, of course, viewing at least twice a year the A&E Pride and Prejudice. Clearly, I ought to branch out and reacquaint myself with the delights of such selections as you posted here.

Mrs. Peperium

Lorraine, welcome. That is an interesting blog you belong to. Yes, revisit Northanger by all means. But also re-visit here too as some of the men associated with PP are very much like Jane's men. I won't say who, I'll see if you can guess. Oh, and there is indeed at least one, if not two, Henry Tilneys amongst us.

Father M., the name of your mother's dog does give very good insight to your excellent formation as well as fondness for French cuffs. I attempted to name Little Bertie "Fitzwilliam" but Mr. P felt it was too 18th century and gave him a 16th century name instead... If you are not aware, Fitzwilliam is Mr. Darcy's Christian name.

James G. Poulos

Thank God that somebody, firmly outside the context of ripping off Nietzsche, no less --, is still actively using the punctuation '--,'.


Mrs. Peperium,
Thank you for the kind welcome. I am glad you found the CR blog interesting. Although my sympathies lie with those of Luddite persuasion, in the case of blogging my hypocrisy knows no bounds. I can only protest that the prospect of an audience motivates me to write, which, in its turn, motivates me to read with steady purpose, an eventuality of no little consequence for a distracted reader like myself.

Mrs. Peperium

Mr. Poulos, you've returned. Are you married yet? I'm guessing it is me who is actively using "the punctuation '--,'." And I must say, how very Henry Tilney of you. As it is probably not a compliment but it most certainly sounds as if it is one. And a charming one too.

(Never forget I went to finishing school and art school. Punctuation is for other people, well, at least other women.)

Lorraine, Luddite? Most Luddites I know are very competent with the computer and I believe this means they are not Luddites. Besides, you have to live in Ohio to be a true Luddite and I've yet to meet a person who says they are Luddites and live in Ohio. I think you are perhaps one of those who feels the culture has passed you by, (very thankfully passed you by too). Fear not, there are many of those all around Patum Peperium and you will fit right in.

Here's are 2 true Luddite question:

1. Do you own a cellphone?

2. How many people have your number?

If you say more than 3, then technically speaking, you are not a Luddite. But you could still be Amish if you wish....:)


Mrs. Peperium,

I favor Distributism myself. Under that moniker one can legitimately pine for a simple life, without the dashed blight of wearing a Puritan bonnet.

Mrs. Peperium

I am not enough of an expert on Distributism to weigh in on it. GKC and Belloc can make anything sound interesting and most wonderful too but since I was born after the Holocaust and the Gulags, I'm quite fearful of anything run by any State...including libraries.

I'm very keen on Lord Acton on his understanding of things economic. But then with my education, economics is for other people too...


Not to mention that Fr. Vincent McNabb is one of the best kept secrets of British Catholic prose.

Heaven be praised, I am not a trained economist either! (: I only find that science interesting when 'tis considered by poets, theologians, historians or philosophers.

What little I know of Lord Acton's opinions was learnt through the institute bearing his name and entitles me to no opinion except, perhaps, the kind known as rash.

James G. Poulos

Yes, I'm here, again, in fits and starts, very busy, wedding almost precisely one month twenty hours away. Don't be impatient, you've got a good thing going here meanwhile--, even afterwards, one suspects. Group blogs of course are all the rage now but nowhere else has Distributism come up. A point in your favor, I think, like that funny puncuation...;

Mrs. Peperium

Mr. Poulos, may I extend my heartwarm felicitations with the news of your upcoming nuptuals. I hope you and your bride have a most joyous day. And marriage naturally.


Mrs P,
May I please have that lovely recipe for coconut macaroons? I think I'll make a batch this weekend.

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