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July 09, 2007


Old Dominion Tory

Another excellent tale, Mr. and Mrs. Peperium.

Andrew Cusack


Nola Girl

Mrs P, that's certainly a beautiful ring-shaped history.

Father M.


Mrs. Peperium

Thank you everyone. One of my purposes on earth that I'm quite convinced of or so many of the things that happen would never happen is that I'm meant to amuse others...

Thankfully I married a man who enjoys being amused...even at his own expense....

Nasty, Brutish and Short

I love it!!! I go to a place in Michigan where we all walk through each other's front yards/beaches and I know precisely the "test" you describe. We have that too!

Mrs. Peperium

Michigan? I've only been up north 3 times but let's see if I can guess...

Ok, let's take what we know and see where it leads us...

Cinncinati + seersucker bathrobe for beachwear+ Swedenborgian/Episcopalian + Salem Witch Trials + conservative =

1. Point Au Barque's (sp?)

2. Charlevoix (Chicago Club)

3. Harbor Springs

4. Saugatuck

Nasty, Brutish and Short

Am I supposed to provide the answer? It is none of the above, thus far. You'll never guess, there's only 40 or so cottages, everyone is from Cincinnati (or was originally), and we all really try to keep the place on the dl.

I will say it's hilarious that you put that parenthetical after Charlevoix, Mrs. P. It implies so much, yet says so little.

Mrs. Peperium

Well, I'm no expert on northern Michigan. I'm not even familiar with it. Mr. P went to high school up near Traverse City at Interlochen, but his sense of direction is terrible. Since Michigan has the 3rd largest amount of coastline in the U.S., you could be just about anywhere and I'm sure wherever you are is quite nice. One last question, if you would please humor me, are you on a little lake or one of the big (ie; Great) lakes?

Nasty, Brutish and Short

We're on Lake Michigan. We're on a harbor off a bay. And pretty darn close to Interlochen.

Is Mr. P musical? I had no idea Interlochen had a high school, I though it was just a summer camp for gifted musicians (not to be confused with band camp, proles). I had an Aunt and Uncle in Northport (teachers at Cranbrook), and Interlochen public radio was so important to them.


Mr. P--that is too much. I assume the man with the camp was sufficiently turned off to forget about the date with Mrs. P.

Mrs. P--I visited Northern Michigan once with a friend. We stayed in her cottage on Walloon Lake, and made trips to Charlevoix and Petoskey. Lovely area.

Mrs. Peperium

Christine, I did think Mr. P was going to repsond to you but he must not have seen your question, so I will.

Mr. P ruined my chances with the guy with the boy's camp so much he had to do a make good by marrying me.

Northern Michigan is beautiful. Very much like Maine, just not the smell of the salt in the air and Mr. P's idea of affixing scotch tape dipped in table salt under my nose didn't quite pass the muster. Had I not been a confirmed Mainiac, we would have easily, and happily, spent all of our vacations up there.

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