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August 08, 2007


Card's wife

In true Jackie O style.


Oh dear, Box Hill is a traumatic read, though satisfying in the end. Just when you think Emma has finally overstepped the bounds, so to speak, and squandered all her essential heroine sympatheticness, she receives Knightley's splendid reproach with every proper feeling and you find her in your good graces again.

As an aside, for me this post recalls a perpetual dilemma - whether the charm of Knightley's proposal actually exceeds the sweet gallantry of Captain Wentworth's letter to Anne?? I suppose it is one of those mysteries which only the heavenly vision will illuminate.

By the by, have you ever read "The Princess and the Vagabone"? It is an Irish fairy tale, rather like the "Taming of the Shrew" and "Prince Thrushbeard." It begins with several woodshed moments for a spoiled princess (her face was the fairest in seven counties but the temper she had did not match it at all, at all)and ends with serenades and a wedding, just as it should.

Robert the Llama Butcher

Thank you very much, Mrs. P., for both the thought and the information. First stop this year is going to be showing the Llama-ettes the Giant's Stairs, which they have not seen before.

By the bye, the Missus has more than once referred to me as her Mr. Knightley. I, of course, do not merit the compliment, but I cherish it nonetheless.

Mrs. Peperium

Robbo, careful around the Giant Stairs as there is quite a bit of poison ivy. But the girls should love it. I've always taken the threat of falling in there most seriously and have never gone below the step painted with Maggie. That Maggie put her name there back in the '70's and she must have used lead paint. Smart girl.

Try to go at low tide and before you hit the Giant Stairs you will see lots of lower levels among the rocks with great tide pools. In those tide pools you can find spider stars - a starfish with long spider-like arms - perfectly harmless and fun to play with. You'll also find beautiful deep sea purple stars and regular orange and pink ones. Maybe if luck is with you a baby lobster. Careful they snap. Tell the girls not to touch the stagnant pools that are not tide pools but as a result of ocean spray. My mother taught us that most important lesson and I've passed it on to our children. If you go around to Pebbly Beach you will find the tide pools where I spent the most of my time playing. There is quite a large amount of natural clay in those pools. You and the girls can dig it out and make sculptures that dry in the sun and will last for decades... There is also a very large round rock there that I used to climb all the time. It takes a trick and I shall be most delighted to learn if you have figured it out. If not, I will have to show you some day. When we were down there playing with the kids in June teaching them how to catch crabs and skip stones, there were so many baby Eider swimming around with their mothers. I was showing them to the children and then I pointed to a rock far away that had about 8 molting dads sleeping on it. I explained to the children that the male ducks lose their beauty during their children's earliest days. Being very vain creatures they stay away from their wives so the wives don't lose interest in them in their depressed state. But they never go far enough away to not be able to see their offspring. This is in case the offspring are in danger, they will fly in postehaste to help. Mr. P was just listening. Then he looked at the pathetic male Eiders. Then he said, "That's what's wrong with me. I'm not getting older, I'm molting. I laughed so hard I almost slipped on the seaweed I was standing on and fell.

You are right to cherish that your wife calls you her Mr. Knightley. Mr. P is mine.

Lorraine, I will respond when I have a bit more time. We are off to the pool for a swim.

Card's wife, there are some things you just can't buy.


Oh, Mrs. P, you have chosen my two absolute favorite parts of Pride & Prejudice (and I'm sure I'm not alone in my opinion). Thanks for the lovely post.

Mrs. Peperium

Ladies, you must check out this new...um...um.....blog. Yes, that's the word I was looking for. Check out all of its links too -- you'll see The Priestly Fraternity in there...


This is a blog spot well worth the ladies' attentions...


LOL. I meant "Emma", of course...

Mrs. Peperium

I know you did.

Robbo the Llama Butcher

Indeed, Mrs. P, the Llama-ettes refer to the little scoop in the cliff just below our own cottage as "Poison Ivy Cove". We're going to try an experiment this year by allowing them to go down and play there without adult hovering. It will be interesting to see if the youngest will answer to the supervision of the eldest and if the eldest will resist the temptation to abuse her power of command.

Mrs. Peperium

Robbo, zero comment on the way sisters can treat one and another... Other than it has the potential to try your nerves more than their collective discoveries of the birds and the bees...

I suggest re-reading King Lear while sitting on the deck and the girls play below...

Robbo the Llama Butcher

Actually, I'm planning to finally make a foray into the world of Anthony Powell. I HAD thought of bringing along Alex Waugh's new family biography, but decided against it as Mom would almost assuredly steal the book from me.

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