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August 02, 2007


Old Dominion Tory

You can watch some amazing flying by France's air force here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9Ze_g9y2Es&mode=related&search=
Please pardon the grating pop music that accompanies it.


I was waiting patiently for you to get to the most important part of Top Gun and, of course, you delivered. Meg Ryan was transcendent, even if she was only in the movie for a bit.

(So when RKFDIL asked to see the movie, I hope you replied with: Negative, Ghostrider.)

Mrs. Peperium

Prof. McDade, you're still with us! If I recall correctly Meg's dad was a professor of some sort...

I have a story I been waiting to tell from our vacation some very minor scale important documents that have been recently found - you wouldn't know a thing about it... I'll start cobbling it together...

ODT, something you described a few weeks back, is one of my most favorite things to watch. Two Springs ago, I was listening to the radio and heard that one side of the turnpike (94) was closed near Selfridge ANG base due to a multiple car accident. Then a bit later, I heard the other side of the turnpike was closed in the exact same area due to another mulitple car crash. Then I heard that a State Trooper had been run over as he was directing the cars off the turnpike and then I heard all the reasons for the commotion - the Blue Angels were in town and it was the first day of their practice run... So, as you would be aware, I packed the kids up in their car seats and drove up the lake route to the base to see exactly what these Blue Angels were doing that was causing so much distress. The distress was, as you so aptly described "hot rodding" across the sky. Since we were on the lake, we could really see them. The first jet we saw appeared to be skimming the tree line. I was hooked. We ended up parking and watching them from a distance that first day. We went up there each day to watch them practice and then we took Mr. P up there to see them during the airshow. We didn't go to the airshow but parked in this great spot - a sort of abandoned marina right next to the fence of the base. When those pilots flew at an incredibly low level right over us and I read U.S Navy on the underbelly of their jets, I almost fell over flat on my back. Then I told Mr. P I wanted to quick go to a Country Western store and get a cowboy hat to wave the next time they flew over again...

They didn't come to Selfridge this year and I was most disappointed as you might imagine.


Now that you can post pictures, how about some nice ones of Sir Basil Seal and Father M? That would make your site VERY interesting. You need more of the 'suave,debonair and menacingly well groomed factor', don't you think?

Basil Seal

Thank you Dorothy...We will have to dig up some old ones of me and some current ones of Father M...Mrs. P, since your post concerns that stupid and ridiculous film "Top Gun" which deals (after a fashion) with Naval Aviation, why are you displaying a photo of two USAF F-16 Falcons? At the time of that film, the Navy's air superiority fighter was the F-14 Tomcat (the aircraft in the film). Naval Aviators do not stoop to fly the F-16. Terrible film, Meg Ryan did not do a Louise Brooks...What a waste of good celluloid...

Mrs. Peperium

Sir Basil, do you really think I give a fig about the details involved with the model years of planes? These are not cars. My concern, as I have been most open about, is with the contents of the planes...

And I do love a good Tomcat...

I'll find a Harrier next time. That should please you.

Mrs. Peperium

Hey, Old Dominion, did the President fly Tomcats?

Old Dominion Tory

While serving in the Texas Air National Guard, the President flew the Convair F-102, an interceptor. When he landed on the USS Abraham Lincoln, he was in a S-3 Viking, an aircraft that has many duties, including anti-submarine warfare and aerial refueling. he admitted to taking the stick on the flight out--which, I'm sure, he loved.

Old Dominion Tory

In this video from 1959, the F-102, also known as the Delta Dagger, is the third aircraft to take off. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdigmXo5qhk
Growing up on Cape Cod, I had the pleasure of living near an active U.S. Air Force base and, in my youth, saw many of these planes overhead. I knew that many of the pilots were bound for Southeast Asia and I often wonder how many of the ones I saw flying over my house made it back safely.

Mrs. Peperium

My, what big planes he flew....

Old Dominion, now this is an aviation story you might like as your comment sparked the memory of it...

Back when my parents were still married ( they split in '68), he traveled everywhere with his company. He was also, menacing well-dressed and well-groomed --in his prime, and still to this day, he looks like this bloke :


So, anyhoo, before '68 so you can properly imagine the next bit, in his travels my dad met stewardesses. On one flight there was a young stewardess whose name on her wings was the same as the nickname he had given me. According to legend, she was so taken with him telling her stories of his little girl back home that when the plane reached New York and he was departing it, she took off her wings and gave them to him, to give to me.

The plane contiuned on to its next destination. But it crashed midway through killing everyone aboard, including the stewardess.

I still have her wings. Or, more accurately, my mother does as she never let me have them...

Old Dominion Tory

My mother was a "stew" for Northeast Airlines in the early 1950s. She told us once of a woman who tried to smuggle her small dog on board, disguised as a part of a fur wrap.


What the hell...?


So the wings said Pokey? Is that correct?

Card's wife

Mrs. P, love the pictures! Let's post some of the pictures we have from Mitchell's.


I don't even know if this is Mitchell's Fish Market or a visit with the Mitchell family, but I second Mrs. C's motion.

Card's wife

And I have those pictures from the Oyster Bar...

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