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September 09, 2007


Fr. M.

I am excited for Robbo and at the same time I am excited for us in the Church. Robbo will be a splendid addition to the Catholic Church.

Mrs. P., thank you for sharing part of your Tiber-crossing story. There are some duds in the priesthood and we have all found at least one; yours was in the confessional. There are also a few duds in the pews as well and we all have met those. As for the Wanderer, it doesn't sell well in my diocese as we are, thankfully, very conservative to begin with. Also, the Wanderer never struck me so much as a "traditional" publication as it did the "National Enquirer" of the Catholic Church. I much prefer the National Catholic Register ( www.ncregister.com ). If you ever heard the publisher, Fr. Owen Kearns, LC, speak, you would as well, I venture to guess. In fact, I would even put him on the list for that gathering in ODT's post,at the Savoy Grill, and place him right next to Clovis Sangrail just to eavesdrop...

Fr. M.



Nice anecdote, once again. Although I'm going to have to take issue with the characterization of National Review as a "Catholic" magazine.

The quotation from St. Anselm is great, and follows on St. Augustine's own famous phrase: "Credo ut intelligam." It's what my master's thesis was built upon.

Mrs. Peperium

Hey I was an Episcopalian. NR seemed very Catholic. NR does trade in being the real deal as far as Catholicism to us WASPs. You know all that God and Man at Yale blah,blah.

Though it was reading NR that I first heard of a scapular. And I do like Kate whatever her name is and Ramesh...

Mrs. Peperium

For the life of me I still don't see what is wrong with reading The Wanderer.

I should think that there should be excoriation should be reserved towards those who read that really whacko Catholic stuff that isn't Catholic at all.

Like Andrew Sullivan. Start treating his readers the way Wanderer readers are treated. A level playing field is all I ask for.


I've never read The Wanderer. I like K-Lo and Ramesh, too--and Goldberg has frequently put me into fits of giggles. K-Lo and I traded e-mails at NDLS because she was considering having a group of us start a conservative campus rag called "Right Reason". (The official University paper, "The Observer", attempts impartiality, but showed its true face when it ignored my request to continue my column a second year. Maybe it was my writing about "environmentalist wackos" or about the virtue of celibacy. I don't know.) It never got off the ground because all of our schedules were far too full--but there's no reason a bright, motivated crop of students couldn't pull it off now.

Mrs. Peperium

Christine, we need to visit with Basil. Go over to his comment about his honeymoon....

Fr. M.

Mrs. P.,
There's nothing wrong with reading the Wanderer, and hey, I am totally for levelling the palying fields especially for people in suffering dioceses. I do know that sometimes the Wanderer tends to hyperbolize sometimes and, personally, I do not care for it as long as the Register is around. http://www.ncregister.com/

God and Man at Yale? Is that the one where Buckley declared that the roman Catholic Church was mother but not teacher (Mater si, magerster no)?

Fr. M.

K-Lo was at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast!


I would gladly allow Fr. Kearns to cut in on the dance floor at the Savoy Grill in the sky--but can he dance?

Mrs. Peperium

Father M., about Buckley yes. But then he hangs out with Taki...

Andrew Cusack

I heard that, before the current editor came along, they used to have the Angelus publicly in the offices of National Review. I also liked that when I applied for a position at NR, the secretary's middle name was 'Matamoros'.

I'm a fan of the Wanderer, and keep reminding myself to subscribe (ditto Chronicles). The Register I have less enthusiasm for, though admittedly not for any particular reason, and it has improved IMMENSELY in recent years. I wonder where I can pick up a copy in New York?

I respectfully disagree with our good Fr. M's characterization of the Wanderer as the "National Enquirer" of the Church in America; that honor most definitely belongs to the Remnant!

Fr. M.

The publishers of the Remnant and the Wanderer are relatives who are not on speaking terms...

Andrew Cusack

Fr. M., that 'Mater Si Magistra No' thing was a complete disgrace! However, Mr. Buckley is very ill these days, and thus we should remember to keep him very much in our prayers.

Miss Lopez seems like a very nice lady but I grew quite tired of her saying quite un-conservative things on NRO (though I admit expecting NRO to be conservative is a bit much, where Mario Loyola praises the persecutors of the Catholic Church in 1930s Spain).

Mr. Goldberg, on the other hand, has always struck me as a bit of a jester, lacking in substance, and is one of the chief propagandists for pushing the conservative movement leftwards. I remember hearing him speak at a conference in Washington. He said nothing memorable at all, except his opening words as he came to the podium: "Gee, if I knew there was going to be a podium, I wouldnt've worn any pants!"

Andrew Cusack

I should note that the talk at the conference given by Mr. Goldberg's wife, on the other hand, was quite intelligent and informative.

Mrs. Peperium

"Gee, if I knew there was going to be a podium, I wouldnt've worn any pants!"

That's not funny.

My conversion took place before the current editor so you are helping to make my point. Thank you. I loved the old format and that word puzzle. It stumped me all the time.

Gosh that was fun.

Robbo the Llama Butcher

Good heavens, Mrs. P! Thank you very kindly for your reminiscinz, uh, remaniskent, uh, story. I'm flattered that you would use up such a sizable chunk of your valuable time to tell it me. But now I have this vision of Aunt Dahlia running amok, making hunting noises at the more mealy-mouthed padres crossing her path.

Robbo the Llama Butcher

Oh, and thankee kindly Father M for your kind opinion. I sincerely hope I can live up to it. See you soon. Yip! Yip!

Mr. Peperium


I may be reading between the lines here, but from what little I know of you (watching seven movies, reading four books, running a marathon and painting the living room is a normal weekend at your house) I sense a desire to know everything about Catholicism before becoming Catholic.

I'm only mentioning this because I felt the same desire. Then I saw how many book shelves the Church Fathers took up and realized I'd have settle for the basics and move on from there. And when I was asked, point-blank in our final exam, "Do you believe everything the Church teaches?" I paused and then said, "Yes, even those things I have not heard of yet." Talk about a crossing-the-Tiber moment.

I think I could say that and mean it because I had centered by attention on the Real Presence. History taught me that this was one of those defining features that makes Catholicism Catholic. And, indeed, I learned that spiritually speaking everything that is Catholic flows from the Catholic understanding of the Eucharist. That's one reason why non-Catholics can't have the Host: to recieve it is to give assent to everything else. It is the lynch-pin, and I figured if the Church understood that rightly, I could trust her on everything that followed.

And it helps me to remember that the Church Herself is on a journey and has been in the process of receiving, understanding and expressing the Truth more deeply for the last 2,000 years. So if you and I don't know everything, we're in really good company.

I submit the above remarks to our Religion Editor, Father M, just in case I said something wacky.


"Yip! Yip!"

Is that the noise a llama makes?


Great post. The Wanderer story is classic. The nonchalant spilling and clean up of the precious blood being treated like a preschool Hawain Punch knockover says alot about the state of the Church locally. You have a nice blog. All the best.

Robbo the Llama Butcher

"Yip! Yip!" is indeed the o-fficial llama salutation.

Mr. P - I was talking with a friend yesterday (a fellow conservative Palie in anguish about what to do) who remarked that when he tried RCI class back in law school, he found himself in a room full of people who were only converting because of impending marriages and the like, presided over by an instructor who knew less about Church history and doctrine than my friend did. My friend, who has a more inquiring mind than I do, was so put off by this that he dropped out.

For myself, I think your point about the basics is correct. And I have already forcibly stopped myself from fretting about not knowing as much as I think I ought to.

Nasty, Brutish & Short

I you thought it was bad in the Episcopal Church 7 years ago, you should see what it's like now. It's the Twilight Zone. Imagine waking up one day and finding everyone you know has been replaced by pod people.

Mrs. Peperium

NSB, Pod people? *sigh*

Now, you must employ the survial techniques I employed in art school. Art schools have been full of pod people since 1916.

Just how do you think Hitler got to power?

On the back of those pod pervs.

If I need to explain that more, I'll be happy too.

Anyhoo, in art school I had a few disciples of Timothy Leary for professors. These guys had been, before agreeing to be Leary's guinea pigs, young, attractive, built to last, and brilliant -All-Ivy literally -football, no less.

By the time I ran across their paths, they were dull, unshaved, flubby, and unattractive. In their real lives they taught across the river at Harvard and MIT. They came to art school to meet chicks. They did try their darndest meet me but, I was armed. With a Sony Walkman.

Art school, like the Episcopal Church, is a place where anything goes. The professors proving their 'cool' status had stated in the first classes that we were not required to listen to them at all. But they guarranteed that we would want to listen to them because of their fascination quotient. Yes, Timothy Leary's concotions still flowed through their veins.

Oh, and to pass the classes all we had to do was submit two papers on anything discussed in classs at any time. Pervs.

After their assaults on my virtue, I took to wearing my Walkman all through class. We are speaking of a class of 12 kids. It did unnerve them but they couldn't tell me to take it off. So I kept wearing it and ignored their nonsense.

They both Aced me too.

So, get yourself an IPOD and download some terrific stuff -Purcell, Handel, Praetorius, Pachelbel, Albinoni...then take your IPOD to church and don it, full blast while among the pod people in the pew. No one can say a thing about your behavior. If they are foolish enough to, then you can say a few more spiffy things about their behavior.

Ask your fellow Colonial Warrior, Sir Basil for some help with the bon mots...

It will be fun.


I sincerely hope you don't have the same experience. Fr. M will surely point you toward the right resources.

My husband's RCIA experience was a little better, except for the week he learned about the Nicene Creed. A bohemian girl taught that night, and she decided it would be fun if, instead of actually learning the Credo, we all made up our own personal creeds. She gave us paper and pens and told us to start writing. It was fairly ridiculous.

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