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September 04, 2007



Can we post some recipes for sloppy joes or things made with Velveeta? How about potato chip casserole? Macaroni and cheese with hot dogs? SPAM?


How about some strange YouTubes?


Father M.

Misspent, is this what you meant by a wierd You Tube?


Mr. Peperium

Yes, Misspent, you can. As you're not actually wearing the sloppy joes or Velveeta, I see no reason why The Basil would not approve.

As for wierd videos, where do you guys find these things? I remember "Banana Phone" and that thing about the little crocodile in German. What terms do you type into the search engine to find these specimens of slightly-off-base hilarity?

I, in the meantime, shall be enjoying my closet (let me finish before you make any obvious jokes) which has been refitted for the onset of cooler weather. All my cotton shirts and shorts are gone (though handy in case September does it's usual passable imitation of mid-August) and the winter woolies are "in". Also, dinner will be on time tonight. I might even--be still my beating heart--be able to tell Mrs. P how my day went.

All this, as you have probably already guessed, is because she won't be able to tell me how her day went with all of you. Even as I type our children are re-connecting with their biological launching pad, getting to know "Mom" again. Dinner will be on time tonight. The kids will be in bed by 7:30. I might even...read.

Who knows when that regretable computer snafu will be fixed. The Geniuses at the Apple Store have never met such a challenge: the entire back of a laptop ripped out with a claw hammer. A freak accident, as I explained, but I could tell they were skeptical.

Still, since I insisted upon the "Wife Blogging" clause in the original purchase agreement, they didn't have a leg to stand on. (Thanks, Fiendish!)


The Tubes of You are awash in depictions of the September 1st doing at the Big House. Since Patum Peperium is a blog residing in the State of Michigan, I thought the opening song on this Buckeye reflection on the joys of rooting for the Mountaineers was particularly appropriate. (I have friends who went to each of the schools, so I have no dog in this particular fight.) Schadenfreude is a click away: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOBjdka9uEw&mode=related&search=

Mr. Peperium

If my alma mater was not awash in political correctness, if they weren't getting nasty blisters on their feet as they try to keep ahead of the latest wave of victimology, if Western Civ actually got a fair shake (I truly believe mine was the last class to be taught 18th Centruty poetry without a sneer from the lectern) then this defeat at the hands of a school so lacking in focus that it was named it after a geological feature instead of a human political entity like a state would not bother me.

But since I look to the Boys in Maize and Blue to uphold the traditions of manhood on an otherwise completely feminized campus, I am troubled to say the least. I mean, a Michigan student wrote the world's first football fight song, for crying out loud.

Let us put the best face on it. U of M made the classic military blunder of underestimating their adversary. I do fervently hope it shall not happen again this season.


Fr. M, I laughed out loud for a full minute upon watching your YouTube link (not so much for the content, but more so for the fact that *you* found it...).

Misspent, I'm afraid I shall have to pull out my Walther from my thigh holster and assume a menacing stance if you dare submit a Velveeta or Spam recipe.

Hmm... on second thought, that might just encourage you. Perhaps I should just politely ask you to spare Patum Peperium the humiliation, for charity's sake.


Sir Basil,
I can easily acquire your address from Mrs. P.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


This is our concern, Dude.

Fr. M.

As Misspent set the benchmark with the gorilla, and as Mrs. P. sends him the Bananaphone Badgers, I had no choice but to resort to singing, dancing vermin. In a culture that worships Marshall Mathers, I mean, hey, why not?

This is for you, Pistol-packin' Christine:


Robbo the Llama Butcher

I must confess that as an undergrad at the Glorious People's Soviet of Middletown CT, I was much infatuated with a young lady who, having dallied with my affections for the better part of a year and a half, suddenly announced that she was off to U of M to pursue some kind of advanced degree in guv'mint health services.

I've never quite got over the slight (even though I heard she never finished the degree and now makes her way selling individual investment packages, or- as another friend on Wall Street puts it, "selling rubes shite they don't need"). Therefore, every time I hear of bad new for the U of M, my immediate reaction is a Simpsonian "HAH-ha!"


Fr. M,
Oh. My. Goodness.


Fr. M's video reminded me of one of my favorite early country songs, Pistol Packin' Mama. As always, the YouTubes comes through with a doozie:


I think that may top Phil Collin's loving gorillas, singing guinea pigs (which were fantastic), banana phones, badgers, and even I Love Egg. You've got to give it a few seconds to the chorus to figure out that he is indeed singing the song.

Mrs. Peperium

Robbo, you were in Middleton? Hmmn...since Mr. P and I once spent 2 weeks in what now must be your parents' bedroom, we might know some of the same people...

Misspent, this is what was playing in my little grocery store as I shopped for dinner. Fortunately, I was making Italian. But it has remained lodged in my head eventhough I kept Ben Webster and Art Tatum on a loop the entire rest of the day. I think I like it:


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