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September 28, 2007


mario mandingo

I hear the Unitarians are now attracting Witches (wiccans) into their flock - as members and ministers.

I wonder how many "wymin" of today like celebs would have been branded witches during New England colonial times?

Maybe the whole lot of Hollywood. For some reason gals like Drew Barrymore, The Dixie chicks, Bette Midler, and Babs Streisand, Katie Couric, Sherly Crow, Marlow Thomas strike me as witchy.


You say Mercy was bound and tossed into the drink -- and floated like a cork. Isn't it possible that, instead of being a witch, she was a duck?


The Maximum Leader

Didn't Bette Midler actually play a witch in some sort of kids movie? Coincedence? I think not.

Mrs. Peperium

MCNS, being a charter member of the RCBfA, I would be most disappointed to learn that you did not know the reason why some women naturally float in water and other women sink.

(Hint : Jackie O was a sinker. Marilyn Monroe was a floater.)


Now I am trying to come up with a retort involving ducks and Mae West. Give me time.

Mrs. Peperium

Until then, let's just say that we may have stumbled on to the etymology for the phrase:

"She's a real corker!"

Mrs. Peperium

Mandingo, our colonial fathers would have found100% of the female priests of the major denominations worth hanging....

Smart guys, huh?

mario mandingo

Mrs. P,

Indeed, very smart.

I wonder what Father M thinks of all this witchery - and how would a modern day conservative or center right Catholic or other sane not Catholic religious of the non moonbat type treat a pagan wiccan who is more "Dungeons and Dragons than 2007 ?

Mrs. P, I have been out of it for the summer, work and all you know, did you say you are writing a book? I hope so. With good stories and maybe some recipes thrown in?




One question: how could Mercy Disbrow be your grandmother if she was sentenced in 1692? Or am I getting dates and names and personages confused? Please enlighten.

Mrs. Peperium

Christine, I'm sorry, I never clarified this. Mercy Disbrow is my paternal grandmother 13 grandmothers ago-- we believe but have not definitely proven according to the standards set forth by hereditary societies--. For lack of time and to make the essay more amusing in tone, I just didn't keep saying over and over 13 generations ago.

As far as hereditary societies for witches go, I haven't a clue if they exist and would not be interested in joining one if they did. But the happy news is that if we can prove the blood relation, not only do we have a bang up novel, I am eligible for more hereditary societies -including some British ones.

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