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September 20, 2007


Old Dominion Tory

One of the more delightful characters in "Porterhouse Blue" was the young man (whose name escapes me) who was the model of the earnest, if somewhat plodding, academic-in-the-making. He held his fellow students in contempt and eschewed the sybaritic life of Porterhouse for intense historical research on the subject of the role of pumpernickel in the development of a certain region of Germany in the late Middle Ages.
I always have believed that this young man ended up as a (New) Labour MP and became a government minister (complete with a Jag, grace-and-favor quarters, and bespoke tailoring).

Mr. Peperium

Quick, Mrs P!

To our local library request line!

Andrew Cusack

Hell, I just put it on hold from the Rye Free Reading Room.


ODT, the young Wesphalian pumpernickel scholar you mention comes to a more explosive end.

Meantime, here is a link to the Porterhouse Blue theme. It is stuck in my head and now it can be stuck in yours.


Old Dominion Tory

Ian Richardson also was superb as Bill Haydon in the excellent production of "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" (George Smiley was played by Alec Guiness and the Soviet spymaster Karla was played by Patrick Stewart). I recently had the opportunity to watch that again and heartily recommend it, especially for a cold, wet weekend.
Make sure to have a good dinner laid on as well as plentiful supply of whiskey and double old-fashioned glasses (Waterford, preferred) from which to drink it. You'll see why.
The production of Smiley's People is excellent as well, by the way.


Thanks for the tip, Irish Elk. Sounds like roaring good fun.

I doubt they have the series in Dijon, though...

Fr. M.

Hope you had a good voyage to your new home; glad to see you back at PP!

Mrs. Peperium

Welcome back cher Christine. Before you go to the cheese shop, we must exchange notes...there are a few illegal ones I want to see if you can find and sample for us. Though rumour has it if the milk has gone off during the cheesemaking process, you'll go blind...

Basil Seal

My Dear Christine, please note the décolletage in the cheese shop, if you will...Send photos...


Oh, my gosh. That sounds like a whole lot of fun, Mark. Exactly the kind of thing I would like.

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