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September 05, 2007


Old Dominion Tory

I hope that the exchanges about P.G. Wodehouse have put Dawn Eden off of Patum Peperium for a while because I cringe to think what she'll think of us if she pays a visit now. The alleged temptations posed by P.G. Wodehouse will seem benign indeed compared to those on offer from the RCBfA.
And just so everyone knows, I come to Patum Peperium for the articles. I don't look at the pictures.

RCB for Pre-Raphaelite Demented Stoats

Very dramatic chiaroscuro! And the repoussoir -- subtle indeed! Hear, hear!

Demented Stoat

Thank you.

Basil Seal

I don't understand...What "temptation" could possibly be posed by these works of art? Do you mean one might be "tempted" to visit an art museum? Doesn't seem so bad.

Andrew Cusack

The new wall-hangings have the feel of a French flophouse about them.

Mr. Peperium

The irony, of course, is that this stuff was considered "academic" and "stuffy" way back when, the products of a hide-bound tradition desperately in need of Fauvists, Cubists and Impressionists to open the windows a bit.

If this was the current idea of "academic" art I might have stayed in school a tad longer.

Mrs. Peperium

"If this was the current idea of "academic" art I might have stayed in school a tad longer."

Instead he opted to marry an art student and take the home study course...

"The new wall-hangings have the feel of a French flophouse about them."

Actually, they look remarkable like the contents of my portfolio, Andrew. For those of you who think Mr. P married me for my stock portfolio, in all seriousness, you need to really think again.

Sir Bay-sel, words fail at expressing my gratitude for your handling of the blog during my absence. Perhap you've earned an old painting of mine if Mr. P will consent to parting with any. Though admittedly, I was a protestant when I painted the girls so the brushstroke may be too --oh,how does one say it?--too bold and lifelike for you. The women really do at times seem to not be flat. In fact my professor used to say they lept off the canvas at him. And that he liked that.

But you, as you've stated, are purely interested in flat women...

Dawn Eden

I am rather amazed to discover that I lived in the 19th century and posed for an English artist. I have no memory of this.

Basil Seal

And someone please tell me how our young Mr. Cusack knows what the inside of a French flophouse looks like...

Andrew Cusack

Evangelization, old boy, evangelization.

Basil Seal

That's what I thought when I saw you there...Good Show!


Of course, Sir Basil was there passing out Divine Mercy tracts. Isn't that right?

Basil Seal

What? What? Tracts? Oh, er, yes, yes , passing out tracts. You are exactly right my dear. That's what I was doing...

Fr. M.

French flophouse? More like the Oval Office circa 1998...

Mrs. Peperium

Do you know I was at school with the girl that made Hillary's hat for the first inaugural? I was. That was most hideous hat too. Bright blue.

Robbo the Llama Butcher

Now if I actually am successfully able to swim the Tiber, I am entitled to join the RCBfA, right? Right? I mean, for the articles.....

Basil Seal

My Dear Robbo, once you're over the subscription is free!

Fr. M.

I think we need some of these to assist the ladies depicted above...

Mrs. Peperium

Unfortunately, I think fig leaves were one of the things tossed out with the Reformation...

Old Dominion Tory

Irish Elk demonstrated his support for the RCBfA yesterday. Alas, the image he posted does not have the artistic quality and luminous nature of the ones posted by Sir Basil.
Moreover, Irish Elk seems to be trying the ol' "shock the bourgeoisies" trick (popular among a brand of artists who are paid from the public till) by choosing an image of a woman sunk deeply into degradation and vice, as demonstrated by a flagrant display of her . . . cigarette.


ODT, don't overlook the Libertine Lady's cocktail, which appears to be crowned by some sort of whipped topping.


I've been trying to figure out what that concoction is...

And Basil--what a compassionate heart he has for the weaker sex. To think that he spends his afternoons ministering to the downtrodden poor in dosshouses, where the girlish inhabitants lack the means even to pay for clothing. What a fellow!

Basil Seal

What a job!

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