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September 14, 2007


Mrs. Peperium

"and don't usually show enough skin to be interesting at dinner parties,"

Written like a founding member of the RCBfA...


If the Countess ever reads this: "I had no defenses what-so-ever and when she ordered me to propose, I did", I am afraid we are going to be short one Show Me State correspondent here at dear old PatumP.

Mrs. Peperium

But then who will clean the silver? Good help is hard to find.


That was outstanding. I wish I could write that well.

"[S]pilled his dip cup. . ." Brilliant. Really funny.

Basil Seal

As you have all guessed by now, the Countess does not read PP...Therefore, I live...

Blog Visitor

Sir Basil hasn't mentioned if he & the Countess have any children.

Blog Visitor

Sir Basil hasn't mentioned if he & the Countess have any children.

Dan Patterson

"...shrieking into the house."

I have had my share of that, I'll say, and though it is amusing enough at first, it does wear a tad thin don't you think? Nice to see that there are those of the fairer sex made of sterner stuff.

Lovely story and my best to you and yours.

Dan Patterson
Arrogant Infidel

Mrs. Peperium

Hey Arrogant One, nice to see you're still among us. Sterner women who can laugh...that's what makes the world go around.

rp, how on earth did you know what a dip cup was? You and I are from almost the same town and the only guy I ever knew who used chewing tobacco there was my father's neighbor in Greenwich. And he only used it because he was a NY Yankee.

I had to google up dip cup. So not fair.

A blog visitor, we are working towards revealing all with Sir Basil so stay tuned...

Fr. M.

The Oratorians and the Cistercians? Not a bad combination at all.

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