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October 26, 2007


Old Dominion Tory

I don't know about Miss Austen, but the videos certainly amuse me. And while this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCqm20VPIHY is a Thackeray novel, it will amuse as well, I trust.
Enjoy the party at the Addams Family mansion and the others at the more humble venues, Mrs. Peperium.
Off to help Mrs. Tory make fish and chips!

Robbo the Llama Butcher

I dislike Halloween too, Mrs. P.

I will tell you two anecdotes of the trouble (or near trouble) that dressing for it caused me back in the day:

One year, whilst an undergrad at the People's Glorious Soviet of Middletown CT, I too got the idea to attend a Halloween party in drag. (What can I say? The fall rowing season had just ended and I was more or less constantly blotto.) Anyhoo, as my, well "girlfriend" would imply some kind of emotional bond that was quite lacking on one side, let's just say "companion" and I were sitting at the Alpha Delt house, a very large, erm, fellah came up, looked us both up and down and said, "I don't know which one of you I'd like to kiss more."

Check, please.

Some years later, while studying law at General Lee's University deep in the Old Dominion, I got another brilliant idea to attend the school party dressed as a Rastafarian. I must say that my costume on that occasion (totally improvised by me) was a complete success. Nobody in our very small and intimate class had the faintest idea who I was. Nonetheless, the fete was held at Zohlman's Pavillion, a large corregated shack about ten miles out in the country from dear old Metro-Lex along a back road. (I assume that ODT, at least, is familiar with the spot.) It wasn't until I was driving my slightly unsteady self back to town that it occured to me that if some big, pot-bellied redneck sheriff's deputy were to pull me over, he would probably have hammered the stuffing out of me before I could even get my mouth open to explain.

To be fair, the next year, after the Missus and I had been walking out for some time, we attended the law school party dressed as Snow Miser and Heat Miser from "The Year Without A Santa Claus". Much hi-larity ensued and I believe we actually won the prize for Best Couple. Nonetheless, I swore upon graduation never to don Halloween costume again.

(Incidentally, this year the five year old Llama-ette is going as a witch, complete with green face paint. Margaret Hamilton's got nuthin' on her.)


I'll take Literary Stud No. 1, thank you. Jeremy Northam was wonderful in Emma, as he was in The Ideal Husband and the remake of The Winslow Boy (although I'm not sure anyone can beat Robert Donat in the original).

Has anyone seen him in the current TV series The Tudors? He's playing Thomas More.


Mr Darcy only at no 3? No no no! He is the archetypal audio-visual Austen hero!

Mrs. Peperium

Boceciana, welcome and forgive me for not having a link to you.

Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Yes I quite agree he is archetypical audio visual Austen hero. But I do so like the bridge of Mr. Knightley's nose and as for Captain Wentworth, why he has a uniform (and a splendid one at that). Plus his cheekbones do have a bit of the Native American about them. They make you wish he played a cowboy at some point in his career or at the very least Tarzan. Do you not think so?

I have more coming up on this next week (with hope).


Mrs. P,
I saw Jeremy Northam the other day. He was co-presiding at the All Souls' Day Mass, wearing splendid purple vestments and a pair of frames. All right, so it may not have been Mr. Northam himself, but one who bore a striking resemblance. Can you imagine anything more heavenly than Northam in a Roman collar?

Mrs. Peperium

"Can you imagine anything more heavenly than Northam in a Roman collar?"

I'm working on it.

Ok, now I'll come clean. My regular confessor bears uncanny resemblance to him (so uncanny in fact I'm very glad to behind a screen...):


*Sigh* So glad Rome has the priests wear sandals instead of riding boots...


Or A-2 flight jackets...

I wish I had the option of being behind a grille, but as I've mentioned before, they don't do things that way in France. I like my confessor very much--which is why I wish all the more to hide behind the screen when admitting my most humiliating faults...


Oh dear. Speaking of being attracted to priests, it seems a widow has fallen in love with Fr. Francis Mary Stone of EWTN, and he with her. He's on a leave of absence to discern his vocation. Pray he rises above the temptation and remains true to his vows.

Mrs. Peperium

Women just cannot control themselves, can they?


If she really loves him, she would give him back to God.

Mrs. Peperium



Salve Mrs Peperium! You really needn't link us if you don't want to...

Mr Northam has a charming nose, and frankly Mr Knightly is more immediately personable than Mr Darcy; but That Scene where Georgiana plays the fortepiano and Elizabeth and Darcy gaze at each other across the room... Emma has not its like. Sigh.

I don't really get the Ciaran Hinds thing; I'm sorry... I think I was too young for Persuasion when it was on television, and while actually I think you're right that he might make a good cowboy or Tarzan, I could never see that as an aesthetic improvement upon a nice suit!

Prayers for the EWTN priest.

Mrs. Peperium

The Ciaran Hinds thing, poor man, only works in 18th century naval dress. He was born after his time but for a brief moment he did live in the splendor of it.

Consider yourself linked.

big spaniel

When we were in Asia, we had costumes made to resemble our two cocker spaniels, the immortal Wendy and the equally immortal Janie a.k.a. Jane the Dog. They were simple, but completely the exact color (black and medium brown, respectively). When we came home, we went to a Dog Halloween Event in Bethesda. There was a contest for the owners who looked most like their dogs, and WE ONLY GOT THIRD PLACE EVEN THOUGH WE WERE DRESSED AS OUR DOGS. I wanted to go up to the judges and shake them and say "Hey, we ARE our dogs!" but I could never find them.

We like taking our dogs to Dog Halloween Events because that lets them snuffle about the woods looking for treats.

Mrs. Peperium

big spaniel, how are you? Wendy and Janie. Oh, what a lovely dogs they were. And so kind to you, the interloper...

Do you know we had a very similiar experience? We went to a look like your pet contest too. I sewed Hobbes the cat (back in his early days) a matching outfit to Mr. P's. Seriously. They both had on red and white striped shirts and kahkis. Oh my gosh. When Mr. P took Hobbes out of the cat carrier for judging the audience just lost it. I thought we were going to win.

They lost.

They got an honourable mention instead.

The guy that won really did look like his dog. both were shaggy, long in the tooth and mournful in expression. His wife was a classmate of Hillary Rodham Clinton or the infamous Wellesley '68. That really does explain all.

I congratulated him heartily because he had really earned the prize.

Send us a picture of you two dressed as your dogs, please. The kids will love it.

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