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October 08, 2007


Nasty, Brutish & Short

Wow, I feel special!

I photoblogged last year's trip, I would like to do so again.

Enjoy the leaves!


Mrs. Peperium

Oh, Nasty...guess what?...the blogosphere just got oh so much smaller...that green boat and I are very well acquainted...

Nasty, Brutish & Short

Small world!

Great to see the picture of her under sail. In November, she looks a bit under the weather.


A Telegraph photo gallery answers the question: Just what are Mr & Mrs P getting up to in Maine?

Pat Patterson

Living in California, where the seasonal colors this year range from brown to brown with forest fire highlights, I am always amazed how people in the East can get the paint to stick to the leaves of the trees.

Mrs. Peperium

Irish Elk, Mr. P and I get up to all sorts of things when we are in Maine. We're just not so public about it.

Pat, (welcome by the way) we've become slackers out this way. And I can only think it's the fault of your fellow statesmen too. The ones who think everytime a tree is cut down a fairy dies. You know, when I was a kid you could get real Blue Spruces for Christmas trees. But these days a real Blue Spruce is harder to find than a real fairy. So what the Christmas tree growers do is that they spray paint their ordinary everygreens brilliant blue in late July, understanding by November nature will have toned down the paint job. What's far worse is that people buy these things. You'd be better off with a pre-lit tree from Walmart and an aerosol can of spruce scent.

NBS, I'll have those recommendations for you...starting off with local Catholic Churches. Trust me, you don't want to darken the doorsteps of an Episcopal Church in Maine off season or you'll be on the next flight back to the safety of the middle west. Just kidding....I think...

Mrs. Peperium


Nasty, Brutish & Short

Oh don't worry Mrs. P. I have no intention of going to an Episcopal Church in Maine. I'm too angry to go to the ones here in Ohio!

Mrs. Peperium

Hey, righteous anger is a great motivator. Look how well God wields it.

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