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November 30, 2007


Old Dominion Tory

Ah, what a VERY happy ending! Everyone--well, everyone who mattered--ended up in La Nouvelle France. I am hopeful that they met Samuel Champlain (a convert to Catholicism, by the way) and that he got a good laugh about the "Pilgrims" being deposited on lands that he had claimed for France.
Too bad he did not see fit to send flock of Jesuits to the area prior to 1620. Imagine the consternation of the "Pilgrims" if, not soon after landing, they had met *Catholic* Indians and some Jesuit priests and brothers. Of course, I remain somewhat surprised that the Spanish did not descend upon Plymouth and Jamestown and put them to the torch--as was within their rights.
Thanks for a delightful tale!


Ah, but they did meet at least one Catholic Native! Squanto--the one who taught the pilgrims everything they needed to know to survive. Thanks to a group of friars in a Spanish monastery, Squanto was freed from slavery (into which he was sold by a devious Englishman) and baptized into the Catholic faith.

Old Dominion Tory

Thanks for the info on Squanto and the Spanish monks, Christine.
Very interesting.


Ha! A brilliant tale. Thank you.


Happy birthday (I believe?) Mrs P.

Mrs. Peperium

How on EARTH did you know?


Yes, happy birthday. I find myself unable to comment in the more recent thread. Misspent was haunting the halls at Georgetown and I forgot to beg him for titles of books that cool people read.


The Canadian intelligence services are often mocked, but ought not to be.

(Also, you'd mentioned it a while ago.)

Mrs. Peperium

James, thank you. A sighting of The Misspent One? He's told me he's been up to good things.

The books that cool people read? hmmn...I think you've got your thumb on that one. As you are our kind of cool....

Jeremy, I never mock any kind of intelligence service ever. And I'm not surprised to learn I mentioned it -I have a gift for telling truths....

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