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December 23, 2007



hi, i'm sad too hear it from you, try to post new one


Uh? Most un-PP like. Have you been hacked?

Father M.

A blessed and happy Christmas to the Patum Peperium readers!

Robbo the Llama Butcher

My dear Sir Basil, you are describing the C&E crowd to a tee. Lest you think they are confined to Proddies trying to crash a Mass, let me hasten to assure you that these people constitute a plague and a nuisance that is downright ecumenical in scope.

mario mandingo

No baseball hats of course! Do the women wear mantillas or sometype of head covering? Father M, is that OK?

I went to a mass on the Jersey shore once where the girls wore shorts that said "juicy" on their bums and they wore flip flops.

"(A Methodist is a Baptist who can read)"



At the extraordinary form of the Mass, women usually cover their heads with a veil. It is perfectly ok and even encouraged (and there are some who will veil their heads at Novus Ordo Masses, too, as a sign of reverence and humility in the presence of Christ in the sanctuary).

I can't even imagine what parishioners would think of women who wore shorts and flip-flops to Mass here in Dijon.

Father M.

In Korea all the women wear veils to Mass and it is a beautiful sight!

Ugh! The backwards baseball cap... The only thing worse are those knit burglar hats all the young men are wearing now.

Old Dominion Tory

I never have understood the aesthetic appeal of the backwards ball cap. Moreover, its endurance as a fashion accessory is something that perplexes me to no end.

Pat Patterson

The correct joke concerning Methodists is that the difference between a Methodist and a Baptist is that the Methodist has two books and has read them both.

As to dress codes in church I'm stumped if I can remember the passage in the Bible concerning the fashion police at the Sermon on the Mount.

Father M.

Actually St. Paul covered the dress codes pretty extensively. The rest is simply common courtesy.


Interesting how we will dress to the nines in the presence of a great public figure, but for Christ, Lord of the universe, we can only don flip-flops and baseball caps.

Of course, if one thinks Christ is mere *symbol* in the host, then I suppose it doesn't matter. Might as well come in a bathing suit then...


If memory is any indication, at the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, most non-Catholics present will be expressing some variation of "Huh??"

While our parish is not yet up-to-speed with the TLM, Midnight Mass tends to be as Traditional as the Ordinary Form can get (Latin for everything save readings & homily) and ad orientem.

Incidentally, the reason why women traditionally wore chapel veils or mantillas to Mass is because, much like the Holy of Holies at the Temple, the Church has always veiled that which she has considered holy.



Oh Sir Basil you are just such a mean one. A very funny mean one. But I must agree, you just would not believe the shoes and handbags these people wear to the Mass. Heathen is the word these hideous accessories bring to mind. (Mrs. P please forgive me for being late to this party).

Mrs. Peperium

Father M., can you please explain for our reading audience why some mantillas are white and some are black? I know royalty (only and not Cherie Blair) are entitled to wear a white mantilla when meeting the Pope but what are the rules and regulations for the rest of us poor slobs?

Christine...a bathing suit Mass? I hope it will at least be poolside.

Welcome Mr. Joke. I do believe this is the first sighting of you in these parts. I like your attitude too.

Pat, the fashion police at the Sermon of the Mount? Very funny image and totally plausible. Can you imagine how many permits Christ would have to pull today to say it again?

Dorothy, Forgive you? At your age you are supposed to be late to the party. It's a must if you want to land the most attractive man still standing...

Mrs. Peperium

Mandingo, I did not see you. In my glee about Hillary I blew right past you. Sorry!

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