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December 03, 2007


Mrs. Peperium

You are a sick man...

But you do make me laugh.

Thanks... I'll reward you tonight.

Chris Hansen

This all seems familiar. I think I've seen this show before.


Father Chelsea

Is little bertie going to be at the Detroit mall on Thursday?

Harry Johnson

Camel Toe and White Cock.

Finally something worth reading.

A fine addition to your already classy website! Hat's off!

Burn thy tales of pilgrims, meadows, voyages, and game foul! Light the pages with your filthy words.


"Hats off" needn't have an apostrophe, Mr. Johnson.

Old Dominion Tory

Mr. Johnson:
Also, perhaps by "game foul," you mean "game fowl"--e.g., pheasants? Rarely does Mrs. Peperium discuss sports.
There is discussion aplenty here about "pilgrims," however (as well as Pilgrims, that group of Englishmen the descendants of whom hoodwinked an entire nation into believing that theirs was the "First Thanksgiving." The idea!).
Any road, as Catholics, the happy company of Patum Peperium consider ourselves a pilgrim people, always on a journey to become closer to Our Lord. Of course, you're welcome to join anytime. But, before you do, you might want to--how to put this?-- shed some excess baggage. It will make the trip less arduous.

Card's wife

Happy Birthday to you!

The Maximum Leader


I'll presume that is an imaginary pet name...

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