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January 06, 2008


american fez

James Delingpole's new novel, "Coward on the Beach," is supposedly the start of a Flashman type series.


Well, I can report gladly that for Christmas this year I received Flashman and the Mountain of Light, Flashman and the Angel of the Lord, Flashman on the March, and The Pyrates. I had given out my copy of Flashman and the Great Game to a friend studying India, and always do my best to spread the word.

Oh, I have to ask why my comments are being flagged as spam? I mean, I may be Protestant...

Mrs. Peperium

I thought Coward on a beach meant Noel. Noel Coward is the best beach music by far:



Rudy Vallee is the second best beach music:


Misspent, Typepad's spamfilter has gone into overdrive. In fact for a day or two in December it was banning just about everyone.

Basil Seal

Thank you AF, I like Delingpole, and will check this new book out...


I am not sure what "small bear" means, but it may be a perfect way to sum of the revolutionary trends of 1969.

Mrs. Peperium

If you type in "small bear" to google images, this is what comes up:


Does that help any Crackie?

Basil Seal

Should read "small beer"

Mrs. Peperium

Crackie, look what google coughs up for "small beer" :


That's Bill Clinton isn't it?

Pat Patterson

I was in Berkeley studying Latin and Greek during the spring and summer. The only thing I remember was the smell of tear gas and the odor of some of the People's Park occupants who often forgot how to unzip before answering the call of nature.

Plus I could be wrong but I think that is a view of Mt. Tamalpais in the background from the corner of University and Shattuck on the west side of the campus. This demo must have started off campus and then walked or staggered over to People's Park near Telegraph between Haste and Dwight on the south side.

I will gladly stand corrected if someone has a better memory for the area.

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