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January 08, 2008



Haven't the foggiest about the fellow save his fine taste, but did said French President have his former marriage annulled?

Mrs. Peperium

Athos, thanks. Your question caused me to do some digging and what I found reads better than Balzac. Here is Wikopedia on Sarko's ex whom Sir Basil refers to as an harpy. But I would think she was his kind of a girl as well as an honors graduate of his school. And we know she did not box for varsity while she was there. Imagine, getting Sarko to fall in love with her when she was 9 months pregnant wih another man's child. The guy that writes Sarko's biography is going to have a great time :


It's safe to assume it was a civil marriage.

Here's The Telegraph with some good stuff on Sarko:



Mrs. P, Sarko's marriage to Cecilia was a civil one because he left his 1st wife Marie-Dominique (who was a devout Catholic and thus their marriage was in the Church) to be with her. Even when Sarko was still married to Marie, Cécilia insisted on being called Madame Sarkozy, but the people of Neuilly (where Sarko was mayor at the time) referred to Cécilia as "the mayor's whore".

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