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January 11, 2008


Old Dominion Tory

I was somewhat disappointed to not have Moxie as an ingredient in my "recipe," Mrs. Peperium. Perhaps if I had entered the name "New England Tory," it would have been added. *Sigh*

Mrs. Peperium

Try it.


I take my Moxie stirred with a walrus tusk.

But seriously, Mrs P, a work-study student in my old office was a devotee of the stuff. For his PR class project he put together a Moxie promotional package that was quite clever. Had I known I might have put him in touch with you.

I like the idea of Moxie. I must confess I am not wild about the cough-medicine taste. But I do like the idea of it. Long may they drink it, in Skowhegan, Aroostook County, and wherever orange bottles are raised to the strenuous life.

Mrs. Peperium

My sentiments exactly. ( I was on the account in the mid-'80's)

Old Dominion Tory

Alas, it did not work nor did "Massachusetts Tory."

Mrs. Peperium

Look what I got for 'Ol Dominion

3 parts Bravery
2 parts Ambition
1 part Attractiveness

Splash of Flirtation


Old Dominion Tory

Not bad at all, Mrs. Peperium. Oh, by the way, I made Croque Monsieur last night. It was a hit with the children and Mrs. Tory.

Mrs. Peperium

No wonder. Look at the recipe for Croque Monsieur:

3 parts Seductiveness
2 parts Instinct
1 part Desire

Splash of Vitality


Hey, the Dems are going to cross party lines tomorrow in such big numbers that the Michigan Primary will be a wash...not that it will be reported that way...

Mrs. Peperium

'Ol Dominion...look, from AmSpec:

"Here's the deal, folks: The New York Times has some damaging goods on John McCain, reportedly involving a female lobbyist. McCain threatened legal action if the Times printed the story. The Times backed off... for now. But you can be sure the Times will unload on McCain if he nails down the GOP nomination."

Old Dominion Tory

Interesting, but hardly surprising. Any GOP nominee will be barraged nigh constantly with stories about his lack of worthiness for the Presidency while the Democrat nominee will be the subject of breathless press coverage in which reporters compete to tell you how warm, friendly, funny, and downright loveable he or she is.

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