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January 11, 2008


Mr. Peperium

Great. Well, I'm off to lunch. Where do you think I can get a good hemlock smoothie?

Mrs. Peperium

(I'm holding up my hand)

If you think of Michigan as your palm...right at the end of your life line.

(I'm pointing to the spot where the middle line on your plam ends.)

big spaniel

About twenty-five years ago, soon after the cartoonist Richard Guindon came to Detroit to work for the Free Press, he did a cartoon showing two guys looking at their hands talking about Michigan. For his first few years here, he did a lot of funny cartoons about Michigan, gifted as he was with the perspective of a newcomer. I haven't seem much of his work lately because I don't read the Freep, or it's website (frankly, he was the only reason to buy that paper).

I once wrote him asking about a cartoon he did which I didn't understand; he replied that I was overthinking it and gave me some advice that would be inappropriate to mention here (I did not take it, anyway).

As for the domestic auto industry, they have made a series of bets that, while it worked out for them in the 90s, is no longer correct now, and the sooner they figure it out, the better. Also, they mortgaged themselves years ago on retiree health care that now puts them $1500 in a hole every time they drop a body on a chassis. Either Detroit will build sensible cars or someone else will.

And McCain is more right than Romney; wihle some auto jobs might be coming back, most will not. And so far, most of the new auto plants built in this country have avoided Michigan like the plague. Maybe someone should ask why?

Mr. Peperium

Why, indeed, Big Spaniel?

Perhaps it is the union-inspired time-warp mentality where nothing is supposed to change. And don't think I'm jusy citicizing Joe Lunchbox here. I'm also pointing the finger at Chet Foix Gra and Steve Dom Perignon too, for the same mentality has guided them as well (committing themselves to levels of healthcare coverage based on levels of sales that they assumed would never change).

As for Guindon he was funny at the beginning. I recall a two-panel affair: one with a bunch of confused, lost-looking people, the other with two smug folks. The first was entitled, "Those who don't know what the 'R' in 'John R' stands for" and the second panel, "Those who do".

Again, only a local would get that. I'm sure ODT and Basil and Christine are scratching their collective heads.

Mrs. Peperium

What does the 'R' in 'John R' stand for"?

big spaniel

The "R" in John R stands for some guy's last name, but I forgot who's. Some early Detroit guy.

A number of years ago on the local TV news they had the French Consul in Detroit correctly pronounce all the French-origin street names in the city, such as St. Antoine, Beaubein and Jos. Campau. It was totally different from how everybody says them, and it was quite funny.

Mrs. Peperium

When I first moved here I pronounced Jos. Campau the way they would in Spanish Harlem... It is amazing Mr. P ever asked me out when one thinks about it.

Hey, big spaniel, Ford and Chrysler are offering tens of thousands of new buyout packages, so the way things are going, there will never be a need for anyone to know what the 'R' in 'John R' stood for...

Old Dominion Tory

Scratching my head in Virginia. I'll need to ask Mrs. Tory, a native of the area.

Old Dominion Tory

Then, there is the pronunciation of the another street name, "Goethe."

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