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January 25, 2008


Mr. Peperium

You've really hit on something with that parallel between McCain and Obama supporters: Starry-eyed, Can't-we-all-get-along types hankering after the emotional thrill that can only be had via the total abandonment of reason.

big spaniel

Dick Morris was on Bill O'Reilly last might and basically read his column in The Hill from the day before. I thought it was pretty brilliant. http://www.dickmorris.com/blog/?p=241

Old Dominion Tory

"[A] massive white backlash against Obama and will drive white voters to Hillary Clinton"? In the Democratic party, a "white backlash"? Sorry, but Morris is wrong on this one. Think about all of your Democratic pals--especially the liberal ones. Can you see any of them participating in a "white backlash"?
If Mrs. Clinton wins the nomination, it will not be because of "white backlash." It will be because she has most of the Democratic Party's "big battalions" on her side--and has for years. That's what got her over the top in New Hampshire and Nevada.


ODT, you have well described the phenomenon that seemed evident in the Hillary win in NH. I watched a rally of hers on C-Span and the troops all seemed to be political hacks and labor and teacher's union operatives, many of them probably bused in from Mass.: The old Mondale crowd.

At any rate, now I am going to set about looking for other Damon Runyan phrases to describe the Clintons, and I invite others to join in the hunt.

Can't we all get along? Starry-eyedly yours, Elks for McCain.

Mrs. Peperium

In the past there have been countless times I have hoped Dick Morris was wrong. But he rarely is. He's the guy that really saved Clinton from impeachment --he ran the numbers and saw it was against Clinton surviving so he advised the blah, blah about getting back to work for the American people.

Morris understands the Clintons and the motivations of people far better than most. In this case, taking into consideration how affirmative action has long benefitted women more than black men, I'd have to agree with big spaniel - this looks brilliant.

But it remains to be seen if it is. The black vote has always been a block vote. 97% or something like that goes Democrat. The Clintons may just be banking on the idea that blacks would never support a Republican.

A risky strategy indeed but both Clintons get a sexual thrill from risk.

Mrs. Peperium


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