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January 17, 2008



"For a few moments, they both lay on their backs in the freshly-fallen snow...and smoked a Dunhill."
-- Ed.

Well, now I'm in the mood for a Mount Gay and grapefruit. I know what's on the drink menu tonight.

Old Dominion Tory

I think that, from now on, a Mount Gay and grapefruit juice should be known as a "Snow Angel." But only if stirred with a walrus tusk.

Mrs. Peperium

The citrus does cut right through it all on a cold snowy night in Boston...plus it keeps scurvy at bay...


How did we spend last night? Drinking Mount Gay and grapefruit juice while watching "Dirty Harry."

This morning I can report that scurvy has successfully been kept at bay.


Oh gosh.

That's terribly sad! In a jolly sort of a way.

Andrew Cusack

Wow, you know, I haven't had a Dunhill in ages. Since I only smoke socially and there's not much to do in New York I rarely have an opportunity to have a cigarette. Dunhills were my regular pack. They're the kind that strangely impress pretty young ladies when offered outside Edinburgh balls.

(Sadly, I will not be attending the Malta ball this year; quel dommage! Mrs. P, I'll have you know I'm reading Patum Peperium instead of doing my French homework as I should be!)

Mrs. Peperium

Alright...I'll bite. Mr. Cusack, why are you bothering to do French homework when the French don't even bother with it?

Andrew Cusack

Paid for the dagnabbed course; may as well do the work!

Incidentally, I once found myself on the campus of a public high school in Charente-Maritime (on the Atlantic coast of France). It was filthy! Really disgusting. The entire pavement outdoors was covered in blackened chewing gum. One literally felt one's shoes sticking slightly to the ground walking over it. I was unimpressed.


The private French Catholic schools likely take better care of their property...


Mme P,
Ton commentaire sur le français me fait penser aux protestants qui, ne sachant rien du catholicisme, font des remarques du catholicisme...

Bonne journée!

Mrs. Peperium


Je suis juste taquiner. Mon Francais est tres,tres mal mais merci cher Christine.

Mrs. Peperium

"Paid for the dagnabbed course; may as well do the work!"

Mr. Cusack, you sound like an old Scottish geezer...or a Ron Paul supporter. Ou est le joi de vie mon cher Andrew?

Old Dominion Tory

Indeed. Buck up, Andrew . . . http://youtube.com/watch?v=WMfzZaXB00s

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