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March 06, 2008



I don’t think bony, flat-chested, prune-faced, dead ringer-for-a-female-Episcopalian-bishop women exist here in France. If they do, I haven’t seen them.

Yes, I married a man, too. The fact that he’s both a real man AND a mathematician just takes the cake for me...

Old Dominion Tory

Delightful post, Mrs. Peperium. I see the time in Bermuda was good for you!


Welcome back Mrs. P.!

Have you read "The Virginian"? While you meet Evelyn Waugh at the Savoy Grill in heaven, I will be out riding with the Virginian.
Speaking of men:
"Lounging there at ease against the wall was a slim young giant,
more beautiful than pictures. His broad, soft hat was pushed
back; a loose-knotted, dull-scarlet handkerchief sagged from his
throat; and one casual thumb was hooked in the cartridge-belt
that slanted across his hips. He had plainly come many miles from
somewhere across the vast horizon, as the dust upon him showed.
His boots were white with it. His overalls were gray with it. The
weather-beaten bloom of his face shone through it duskily, as the
ripe peaches look upon their trees in a dry season. But no
dinginess of travel or shabbiness of attire could tarnish the
splendor that radiated from his youth and strength."


Whoa, there, pilgrim! Is the Duke up there checkin' for tan lines?

Your description of the women at the party called to mind Miss Jane Hathaway -- and sure enough, here she is, dressed like an Episcopal lady bishop!


Mrs. Peperium

La! Miss Jane Hathaway was positively oozing va-va-voom compared to real female (HA!) priests and bishs:

Feast your eyes on the Rev. Marilyn McCord Adams, formerly of Yale and now at Oxford sitting in the most pretigious academic, religious chair, The Regius Chair :


And then there's the most delectable Grand Poohba bish, Herself:


Enough to make you turn back to the Old Testament and cut your eyes out, huh?

Lorraine, That Virginian was no plain horseman, huh?

Christine, they could be in Paris...avoiding the chocolate shops and shopping at Hermes....

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