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April 28, 2008


The Maximum Leader

Are you sure that wouldn't be the "Duck of Death?"

Card's wife

Mrs. P, does Max Leader look like Basil?

Mrs. Peperium

Hmmn...let me see....they're both big...both have dark hair (Basil's, if you recall was once dark when he had it) and they both have big dark eyes..I think Maxy had dark eyes....he has eyes certainly...Maxy does have facial hair though...they both have UK blood....both can shoot to kill though Maxy prefers long guns to Basil's pistol....I did not ask Maxy what kind of car he drives but he did let on he drives it swiftly....I bet, if push came to shove, Maxy could snap your neck like a twig...at the very least, snap it like a branch over his kneee.....

Card's wife

What kind of shoes?

Mrs. Peperium



Robbo had them on too. Apparently crocs are really big in DC...

Old Dominion Tory

Crocs? The mind boggles.

The Maximum Leader

I drive a Ford product of all things... A 2004 Mercury Maruader.

Mrs P's memory fails... I do not own a pair of crocs... I do own some birkenstock sandles... But no crocs. I don't recall wearing the birks to dinner...

Card's wife

So what kind of shoes? I can always judge a man by his shoes.

The Maximum Leader

I was wearing some soft leather shoes by some Italian designer. Moscone? Marscapone? Moroni? I'm not sure. I'm not wearing them now. I have some Rockport boat shoes on now.


Bruno Magli's perhaps? I used to have a pair.


ODT, Crocs are the way to go...

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