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April 30, 2008



It's been a while since I've played competitive tennis--but wooden racquets, Basil?

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Yes Christine, wood...Specifically Dunlop's Maxply Fort and Wilson's Jack Kramer Pro Staff. Two of the best evah...The two racquets which I used on my way to my racquets blue. Be sure to keep them in a racquet press to prevent warp. As in American baseball, all professional lawn tennis players (not to mention golfers) should be required to use wood, in order to ensure skill, and not equipment decides the victor.


Sir Basil, do you have any news from our genious irish girl called Nola? it's been ages of time when i heard anything from her, actually i will very appriciete for you if it could be possible to let me know if she's fine and none of tragedies of this world touch her feelings or body. thanks in advance.

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