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April 03, 2008


Old Dominion Tory

Expect an avalanche of hits from people looking to read this superb article. Thank you and God bless you, Christine, for writing this article.
Moreover, thanks be to God for the Notre Dame students who called the university's "leaders" to account for allowing this travesty to be staged at Notre Dame. "Loyal sons and daughters of Our Lady," indeed!


The thing is that Fr. Jenkins is morally opposed to the play; he believes it is antithetical to Catholic teaching. But he has bought into the fallacy that freedom of thought on a Catholic campus means one must host such drivel on its grounds. I'm sure he's received tremendous pressure from the liberal arts & sciences faculty (most of whom aren't Catholic, from what I understand--another problem Notre Dame needs to address).


First off, a rejoinder: Eve Ensler http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/39876000/jpg/_39876636_ensler203_afp.jpg

is no Louise Brooks:

That said, is there any more egregious an example of the ninny-fication of modern Western women than the V-Monologues?

It is beyond me how anyone can read this 2001 piece from the Village Voice and not think, "What nitwits!"

It is beyond me how the editors of a college paper can cover an event like this and not think, "What nitwits!"

Father M.

I hope the alumni donors tangibly express their distaste for this "play" as well as for Fr. Jenkins' passivity.

William Dempsey

Thank you, Christine, for this compelling indictment of the Notre Dame faculty departments for sponsoring this meretricious piece of literary and moral trash and of Father Jenkins's decision in authorizing it. Father M. refers to the alumni, and I want him and everyone else to know, as you do, that a group of alumni deeply concerned about the progressive secularization of the University has organized as Project Sycamore and have been hard at work to get the facts, to inform alumni, and to express the collective voice of all members of the Notre Dame family -- alumni, students, family, friends. We already have a mailing list of over 6,000 and some 1100 have signed our petition to rid the campus of this Vagina Monologues pestilence. I add that this is but a symptom. The root problem is the precipitous decline in Catholic representation on the faculty, as you will see by consulting our home page and associated materials at www.projectsycamore.com. Our recent newsletters on the Monologues issue can be reached through the newsletter link on the home page.

I add a foonote, especially for parents, actual and prospective, but also for all who may suspect that transparency is not a typical virtue of college administrations. One of the Notre Dame Department heads somewhat recklessly confided to The Irish Rover (a fine student publication), that they were careful not to schedule the play on a Parents' Weekend for fear the parents would see what was going on. You'll find this, and more, in our newsletters -- but Christine has put it as well as can be.


Mr. Dempsey,
Nice to see you here. My thanks to you for all your fine work with Project Sycamore. Please continue to keep us updated...


I was going to call the bishop heroic for his well written condemnation...but, opposing a pornographic play at a Catholic school during Holy Week seems to almost the minimum we can ask of our bishops. And yet, Bishop D’Arcy seems to be the only one meeting this measly standard. Pray for backbones for our bishps!

Mrs. Peperium

Christine, over the years I've developed a most dreadful tick regarding this "play". Whenever I refer to it outloud, I call it the "V------- Monocles"...

When you think about it, and look at the related material Irish Elk posted, "monocles" actually makes a lot of sense....


Ms Monocle.


Excellent, Christine. Thank you for getting straight to the heart of what's wrong with that vile-- yet omnipresent--creation.


Mrs. P,
"Vagina Mongoloids" seems another apt description...

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