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May 15, 2008


Mitch Bond

I want to wretch my guts out, but the state of profound irritation has rendered me rather breathless.

This perversion must end!


Your point? Just kidding, darling.

It reminds me of the sad, sordid demise of Episcopalian "Bishop" James Pike of the sixties.

Robbo the Llama Butcher

To tell the trooth, I'm not so much concerned with this fellah himself - as his fate seems to me to be pretty well sealed - but rayther for all those souls who relied on him for spiritual, ah, "guidance".

What do you do (and in the spirit of ecumenicism? ecumeicalism? oh, shoot - getting along) in ANY pastoral context when it turns out that your shepherd is a wrong 'un?


That's a lot to think about but it seems like a very fitting post for today, when it looks like CA is going to be more of a gay paradise than it already is.

Mrs. Peperium

Robbo, I'm going to tackle your question next week...hopefully.

Andrew Cusack

"Bishop Moore spoke out against ... military spending and for more assistance to the nation's poor"

Surely military spending is good for the nation's poor, as it prevents them from being the nation's enslaved?

Mrs. Peperium

Ah, you've never been an Episcopalian have you?

Clearly you are not aware of Episcopalian Rule 2,798? The military takes advantage of the poor. Yes, it most certainly does. Not only are the poor too stupid for schools like Harvard, the poor can't afford Harvard, don't you know? So the poor (and stupid) have to go into the military as that is their only option in life. Then the poor get sent to fight wars the Epicopalians do not support. The Episcopalians do not support war because the Episcopalians believe they can talk sense to totalitarians and make them come around to their way of thinking. Meanwhile the Episcopal church is falling into 22 million pieces because of the totalitarian natures (like this bishop's) of those who have been running it.

No. More military spending does not help the poor. Only increased welfare spending can help the poor because welfare it the best the poor can do.

This is how most Episcopalians who are running the joint think. Seriously.

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