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May 02, 2008



Some time back my cousins were all raving about "crocs" and "jibbitz". I didn't even know what they were; they had to explain. I realized they were those garish flourescent plastic things I was seeing on people's feet. One of my cousins even spent $75 on a pair she bought for her daughter at Disney World. Can you even imagine?

Apparently, they were originally worn by hospital staff for comfort, and they somehow spread to the rest of the populace. Let's hope scrubs don't start making an appearance as well...

Basil Seal

I thought scrubs had already come and gone. Wasn't there a rash of people wearing scrubs all about the place a few years back? You know the green pajama things, those are scrubs, correct?

Old Dominion Tory

The original and, I admit, admirable reason for "crocs'" development was as a gardening shoe. Alas, someone must have said something about "comfort" when they wore them to a feed and seed store and that was that.


I'd like to put in a good word for Crocs because, as a San Diego resident, I find they're wonderful as both a gardening shoe and a beach shoe. I bought a pair upon seeing them in the store in '06 and was satisfied with their performance in both locations. Shortly after buying them, I saw a lady wearing them in the women's dressing room at a department store and foolishly blurted out, "Oh, I never thought Crocs were for anything other than the garden or the beach!" She laughed. "I wear anything that's comfortable. Why not?" That sums up the general attitude around here.


Crocs are great, especially for gardening and the beach. Now a trend is seen toward more formal wear:


Meantime, Sir Basil sticks up for opera pumps with bows. Chacun à son goût.

Robbo the Llama Butcher

The advantage of Crocs lies in the fact that they can be cleaned off by means of garden hose, with or without child still in them.

On the other hand, I have had numerous skirmishes with the youngest Llama-ette wherein she claims to have "lost" all her other shoes and therefore must wear her Crocs to church/school/family portrait, etc., etc. (So far I have crushed her in these battles, I'm happy to say.)

Mrs. Peperium

Opera pumps are my very favorite shoes for a man. It is true that most believe the wearer is light in the loafers but this sadly, is one of the biggest misconceptions of our day. The wearer of Opera Pumps, more likely than not, is light on his feet, capable of an excellent box step and unafraid of holding a woman in his arms, closely.

Men in Crocs seem to prefer holding a beer and firmly prone to Preen...you know Preen, birth control for your daisies...

Basil Seal

Mrs. P, only in the U.S., among certain elements of the population are classic shoes such as the opera pump considered effeminate. Although I have no idea how anyone could compare classic leather footwear, which require time and effort to keep them in good shape,and lasting forever with children's (young girls) plastic shoes...

Mrs. Peperium

Plastic is for condoms.

Old Dominion Tory

The only thing worse than the plethora of "Crocs" in places where no Croc was meant to be seen--e.g., offices, churches--is the sustained plague of "flip-flops."


This thread reminds me of the chat I had with my mother yesterday. She met us at our church and spent several minutes observing the inappropriate dress of many who were leaving the sanctuary. I wholeheartedly agree with her that it's best to leave sexy off the agenda when you're dressing for church.

This also reminds me of how much I enjoyed watching "Cranford" on PBS last night.


Oh Perhaps it looks so funny thing to see a man treating all the world of its famous fantastic democracy wearing that unconditional awful boots growing up in the simple mosckva family it was very hard to find quality shows in 80's in russia. This days when lloyd shoes is an ordinary thing for everyday life, i make a notice that person who respect people around should have a pair of hand made italian shoes not less than a couple thousand euro. You can correct me.

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