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May 07, 2008


Card's wife

So what happened at school?

Mrs. Peperium

I got sent to the Reflection Room....

Card's wife

Does this have any thing to do with the auction? Did you get the wrong tea towels again this year?

Mrs. Peperium

You know, there's a very real reason why women have, only until more recent and incredibly foolish years, been allowed in leadership positions in the military...women are incapable of tracking the enemy properly...

As you may recall a certain someone has been out to get me since the begining of the school year...and she hasn't been able to...yet...until this week...she received an email from what can only be described as a Hillary Clinton style of woman saying she had nearly run over RKFDIL at pickup....I never saw RKFDIL nearly get run over though I was driving the Jeep and holding the door open for RKFDIL...but we'll allow that I did do something wrong and against regulations, I cut in line and ALSO, allowed RKFDIL to leave the curb and get in the Jeep which was double parked in the center lane....the Hillary Clinton style of woman was miffed....and she did what Hillary Clinton always does...she told a whopper that everyone who has gone through that school would know was a whopper if they were not blinded by a strong dislike of me.....the Hillary Clinton style of a woman put in writing that she has witnessed Little Bertie doing the same many times at Kindergarten pickup....the Kindergarten teacher is an institution as she's been there over 30 years...her nickname is 'Sargent'....she would never, ever allow a pupil of hers to leave the curb....

So, at pickup I told the Kindergarten teacher that I am the evil mother who the note went out to (the email concerning me was published) all of the parents in the entire school and that the mother who wrote it is saying she, the Kindergarten teacher allows Little Bertie to leave the curb and climb into the Jeep in the center lane....

Well, Sargent doesn't take lying about her well. Neither do I. So I went to the Vice-Principal first with "you can let mothers lie about me all you like but do not let them lie about Sargent just because they are mad at me. It's not fair to her as she is probably the most responsible teacher in the school and never once has Little Bertie's feet ever left the curb...Yes, I did allow RKFDIL run in between two parked cars to get into the Jeep. I admit that and I have to ask you a question...that mother is claiming she almost back over RKFDIL, if that is true then why was she moving her car when I was double parked in my Jeep right next to her?"

The Vice-Principal was speechless as you might imagine and agreed that while I should never allowed RKFDIL to leave the curb what was the mother doing moving her car and yes, Sargent would never allow one of her pupils to leave the curb.

Then I had lunchroom duty and the one who has been out to get me all year never showed her face in there the entire time. Not even for the third shift which she is in charge of.

Basically, the one who has wanted to get me let an incorrect version of battlefield events get the better of her. She finally had me. She printed it up and sent it home to ALL parents. She's never done this before. Now instead of just me in the woodshed, she's got the kindergarten teacher mad at her for allowing her to be maligned to the entire school and already several parents on her back for doing such an unprofessional thing.

Oh, and I left out that RKFDIL was also called in front of the entire school into the Principal's office to discuss her mother's driving....There was never a need for that child to be in there since the problem resided entirely with me....

Old Dominion Tory

This one is for you, Mrs. Peperium!


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There was an Orange County grandmother who accidentally hit the gas and jumped the curb from the pick-up line several years ago. I believe I recall that no one was hurt seriously. It could be much worse.

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