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June 02, 2008


Bovina Bloviator

We had most of the New Yorker cartoon annuals in the house I grew up in and they most definitely informed both mine and my brothers' senses of humor, especially the cartoons by Whitney Darrow, Jr. One I remember fondly depicts a man (at a cocktail party, of course), irritated at his wife interrupting his conversation with another fellow, snapping at her: "Oh for heavens sake, Helen, we're talking about deterrents, not detergents!"

I don't think Gloria Steinem was ever a fan of Whitney Darrow, Jr.

Mrs. Peperium

Gloria Steinem, in a more sane age, would have been diagnosed as frigid due to an unhappy love affair during her college years with a married art dealer who impregnated her and she aborted the child...in England if memory still holds...

Bovina, you and I grew up only a few towns apart...we lived Whitney Darrow cartoons....

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