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June 04, 2008


Old Dominion Tory

I assume, almost immediately, Patum Peperium will be scolded for diverting some amongst the humorless Catholics from their paths to sanctity.
If Robbo finds himself oddly conflicted about this still life, I hope he takes to heart what I think is the governing sentiment of the RCBfA: I fell into bad company, and I had a wonderful time.


Perdicaris alive, or the Raisuli dead!

Old Dominion Tory

Ah, I see the reply from the America Bashaw has arrived.

Robbo the Llama Butcher

Oh, my.

Why is it that the sharif bears an uncanny resemblance to Howard Keel in his "Kiss Me Kate" period?

"But what do you do,
At a quarter to two,
With only a shrew
To kiss?"

Join up with Lawrence of Arabia, evidently.

mario mandingo

My my, I did not know 1950ish looking nude full frontal high heeled women looked so smashing in the desert. I think T.E. Lawerence would of looked the other way if you catch my drift.

Ah, the clash of civilizations!


My dear Basil, I thought the RCBfA were for *art*--as in Titian’s “Venus of Orbino”, or Courbet’s “Reclining Nude”, or Cezanne’s “Bathers”—and not for the kitsch posted above. It looks as if it’s been taken straight from one of those tacky book covers from the 1950s:


Mr. Peperium

Actually, Christine, the samples you chose are a little tame. Without putting too fine a point on it, we of the RCBFA prefer our graphics a little more...how shall I say this...graphic.

Also, they would find no place in our archives because of the marked absence of fruit.

Basil Seal

Yes, "no fruit, no art" is our motto...If you know where we can find more tacky book covers for our collection, please let us know. Pictures of nude reclining bathers would do as well...As long as they're suitably tacky.

Andrew Cusack

Gosh, makes you think life in the desert might not be so bad after all...

The Maximum Leader

Ahem... Isn't there fruit in the bowl there on the lower right? It took me a while to find it, I was drawn the the lady's lovely necklace...

The Maximum Leader

Oops. Sorry... Misread the comments earlier about fruit. As I said, I was distracted by the lady's jewelry.

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