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September 23, 2008


Fear and loathing in Georgetown

I always knew it was Basil, and I think Poulos might be a double agent.

Mrs. Peperium

Think is not good enough for the Vatican. One must know...


Dear Sir Basil,

Could I ask you the question that men usually, I would say traditionally ask gentlemen of your experience and taste. Would you be kind to tell me a word about men watches, swiss made watch.
My grandfather who were famous russian clothier owns his atelier before the soviet regime had made the victory in my country, he weared the doxa “anti-magnetique” he was a country landlord in his older age and a house we live in my childhood got many pictures of his family and my relatives.
In my honor opinion in my 30 age I try to follow his advices not to wear jeans – American jeans~ sorry if I touch here political matters but it’s my subjective opinion, that wearing a jeans is a workers habit, anyway I may mistaken.
So recently I became a landlord as he did seventy years ago, and those circumstances turned me to buy swiss watch, like shy person it was suitable for me to make a reasonable choice. It was a Raymond weil watch ~ Tango. And as an art person this watch gives me a hope to start taking lessons in tango school.
Please, if you got any advices or stories about men’s watches let me know at Patum Peperium page.

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