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October 15, 2008


Fear and Loathing in Georgetown

I was wondering why you didn't respond to my email yesterday:
"Thought you might like this:

http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/10/14/buckleys-son-leaves-national-review/ "

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown

Oh, and The Maximum Leader is not at fault for your email problem. He's too busy trying to infect the FLG supercomputer with virii to bother with your email. Unless he assigned an minion to do it.

Mrs. Peperium

Thanks FLiG, as someone who in the near future (once I've got some free cash) has a date to stand Mark Steyn, Roger Kimball, and Salmon Rushdie for lunch at the Savoy Grill for their efforts at holding the line for Western Civ --HA! you think I jest! if my email hadn't been destroyed I could prove it --anyhoo, this effeminate phrase uttered by Boy Buckley shall provide us with endless hours of mirth over the vintage port, pipes, and cigars:

"Mr. Buckley said he had 'been effectively fatwahed by the conservative movement'"

I've read elsewhere Boy Buckley is moaning everywhere he can.

Maxy would do that you know...

And I do not smoke cigars or a pipe. I just adore the fragrance of tobacco.

Mrs. Peperium

Oh and PP is No. 1 on Google for Christopher Buckley + paternity.

Absolutely love that....

The Maximum Leader

Heh. I like you too much to do anything to your email. My computer at home was the victim of a Windows XP problem resulting from the Service Pack 3 upgrade. And the continuing problem that FLG is having with my web site is being investigated by my hosting company.

So there.

Neener. Neener.

Andrew Cusack

The Exile gets in on the game:


Mrs. Peperium

Andrew, who are those guys?

Maxy, I like you too. Which is why I was shocked you zapped my email.

Andrew Cusack

The Exile? They're great. They hate everyone and everything, which means that (these days) they're right 90% of the time.

Gary Brecher, "The War Nerd", is particularly amusing, as in his column on the Pancho Villa raids:

"The only guy who came out of it looking good was young George Patton, who realized intelligence was the key to fighting irregulars. On his own initiative, he tracked down one of Villa's top aides, then led a raid in civilian cars and clothes, blasting the aide's hacienda and bringing the guy's corpse back tied to the hood of Patton's Packard. Class will tell, like they say."

The Exile does lean towards the vulgar from time to time, however.

Mrs. Peperium

Hey, I don't hate everybody and I'm right at least 90% of the time. More than that I love Joe the plumber ---he looks like Mr. Clean how great is that?-- and I love Todd Palin.

Oh, and I saw a clip of Boy Buckley on Hardball. He's off his game-- not so smooth and cultured...and his teeth are as capped as Biden's...

If I ran my stud finder over him, it would come up zero....but run it over Joe the plumber and Todd Palin and it would explode...and yes, I have run my stud finder over Mr. P (several times in fact) and been extremely happy with all of my findings....

You should see what I can do with a chalk line...

Mrs. Peperium

Andrew, bad taste alert. Mr. P's Princeton alumni weekly just fell through the mail slot advertising Frank Gehry's latest disaster...turn your attention to Obama's pals idea of libraries. I'm sure you can find it on line and then contrast it with the other architect --Gehry is really a starchitect--that Princeton has working on its campus on a traditional gothic building addition. That architect is actually an alum, Greek and is one of the 5 approved architects of your Prince Chowderhead....

Andrew Cusack



Bleccch!!! Let's hope they leave that "no admittance" sign up for the duration of the building's existence.



Oh, ok, that's more like it. Poor choice of stone combinations, but oh well.

Mrs. Peperium

Eh, the stone will look better when it develops a patina.

Ok, here's an architectural question for you, last evening Obama (pbuh) to distance himself from his intellectual kinship with America's first Timothy McVeigh, Bill Ayers, Obama assured us Bill Ayers would not receive a seat in his cabinet. Yet no one has asked the most obvious question; "Fine, but will Bill Ayers, your mentor and ghostwriter sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom?"

I believe once Obama is signed into the White House and failed his secret service clearance, Bill Ayers will not only sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom, he will blow it up.

So, who should we, the American taxpayers suggest to Nancy Pelosi to rebuild the White House? And should we alter the original design or keep it as it was pre-Obama?

Oh, and notice how Joe the plumber is all over the news thanks to the MSM who are even trying to determine his party affiliation, yet no one in the MSM has found Bill Ayers to ask him what he believed his relationship with Obama was.

Andrew Cusack

I always thought the government buildings in D.C. would look best as ruins, though this applies more to the ghastly Capitol then the well-composed White House.

If Bill Ayers blows up the Lincoln bedroom, I suggest moving the Executive Branch to Caumsett on Long Island:


Hasn't anyone ever considered that the reason why we have such ghastly presidents is that the White House doesn't have suitable polo fields and stables? Caumsett does, and is already in public ownership.

Actually, scratch that plan; New York will secede and make Caumsett the royal lodge.

Mrs. Peperium

Huh, I'll admit it. I never thought polo was to blame. At first glance, I would say you're on to something but taking the longer view I can only say your thinking is myopic....

That was a little polo humour. Now I need a drink and cucumber sandwich...

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown

"Hasn't anyone ever considered that the reason why we have such ghastly presidents is that the White House doesn't have suitable polo fields and stables?"

Yes. I have The dearth of suitable polo grounds at 1600 Pennsylvania has nothing to do with our presidents.

The lack of decent buzkashi grounds? Well, that's another thing altogether. If it's good enough for John Rambo, then it should be good enough for our presidents.

Mrs. Peperium

FLiG. I actually know what that is because I saw the movie "Caravans" at Radio...oh my gosh..I've forgotten the name of the place....it's where the Rockettes do their kicks...anyway, I was about 10 or 12 and my dad and his wife at that time whose cousin was General George Patton's jeep driver in WWII until he took a bullet or a bomb intended for Patton took us at Christmas time to see the Rockettes Christmas Show which featured a living Nativity complete with a baby Jesus. Well, the movie after the Rockettes was Caravans...I loved it though it wss very riske....so all I can conclude is the Islamisization (sp?) of the West was already underway long, long ago.

Before the Rockettes we went to an Italian restaurant in the City but not in Little Italy. During our lunch the owner fired a waitress and she went nutty. She went into the kitchen, grabbed a pot of meatballs in tomato sauce and came out flying out, screaming in Italian just winging the meatballs at the owner and the other waiters. My dad just told us to be still and not engage her eyes....
Cusack, the game is polo with a goat into of a ball...and they use virgins as mallets....

Just kidding, they use virgins but not for mallets...

Nasty, Brutish and Short

I too was wondering why you didn't respond to the email I sent you about Christopher Buckley. I thought my suggestion therein that Chris (Crissy?) Buckley sign up with Ron Reagan Jr. as co-host of the Eukanuba (sp?) dog show was a good one.

You know, we have the phrase "well it looks like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" because, most often, they do.

Mrs. Peperium

NSB, sorry. As it turns out it was not Maxy who destroyed my email, but my better half. Yes, my better half killed my method of communication --closing me off from the world yadayayda... Technically it was his company that did this as he sent home some work to work on...and I opened his attachments to make sure all was well and oingo boingo...all was lost...but not at that exact moment because then I would never have accused Maxy. ...it was all dead and gone, everything when I went to check the email a few hours later....then admittedly, I liked having no contact with the outside world and totally dragged my heels getting it fixed....but then the auction moms at school started getting their feathers ruffled that they could not get a hold of me so finally I had to call Apple....and Apple told me to call microsoft and by that point my better half being the dutiful sort had empty my trash....where the remnants of what was once my email was....and so, it took a very nice lady from Nova Scotia who was a star trek fan to rebuild the whole thing....

And now I've got about 100 unopened emails to sort through and haven't done it....so tomorrow the auction moms will not be pleased..

Anyhoo, the NYTimes has interviewed Mr. Buckley and what I first thought in regards to the Obama support is true... now that his dad is gone, CB feels he can finally be who he really is...oh and it turns out his dad was not a big fan of his books and CB's next book is on his parents...


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