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October 23, 2008




By the way, there must be a separate story on how you burned the backside off your party crinoline. Do tell.

The Maximum Leader

Okay... I loved this tale. I voted for Steve Forbes a few times and would gladly do so again.

I'll have to have Mrs Villain give this recipe a try. She does all the desserts. I never try to make them up.

Mrs. Peperium

Elk, there are several different as well separate stories of my burning my backside...

Maxy. guess what? You can vote for Steve this year. Yes you can. He's one of McCain's financial advisors You can see his fingerprints all over McCain's health care plan as a variation on the one Steve put in place at Forbes back before Clinton took office. Steve has a very good piece today (from Forbes) over at realclearpolitics...

The Maximum Leader

I would prefer not to vote for a Forbes proxy - but the man himself...

Mrs. Peperium

Me too. But the reality of politics is that sometimes you have to go with the best you can get.

Old Dominion Tory

What a delightful story, Mrs. Peperium. Alas, the only time I ever have received any communication from Steve Forbes is when it is time for me to reup my subscription. Perhaps, if I enclosed my pasta sauce recipe in the same envelope as my check, we might become pen pals.

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