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October 01, 2008



I wish I had this sort of quiz when I was in school--questions immediately followed by answers. That was one seriously boring youtube--two minutes and thirty seven seconds of my life that I will never get back.

Mrs. Peperium

Can you imagine how many minutes her husband can tally up?

Take a look at how she says 'joy'...something is very strange behind that expression..(it's in the first 10 seconds)

Old Dominion Tory

"Joy?" She seems to be somehow unfamiliar with the word. Not surprising, if you are constantly in earnest or border-line angry, "Joy" is something that you're not used to experiencing or saying.
Also, I noticed that she talked of the reenactment of the clergy's expulsion from the old church to the new one. I wonder if they reenact the dissolution of any local monasteries or the destruction of the cathedral's interior during the English Reformation.

big spaniel

I thought the crack about Sudanese walking fast was rather racist. She is an American, and grew up in a car culture, and probably doesn't walk fast. My mother grew up in Europe, in a small town without a lot of cars, and I grew up walking fast, and still do.

Mrs. Peperium

Thank you big spaniel. I noticed it immediately but kept my mouth shut because some (if not all) believe I have no objectivity regarding the CofE and all its evil little wizards...

Guess what, more than having racist beliefs, she
's also has sexist ones.

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