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November 30, 2008



If only Plaxico Burress had come to The Club instead of the Latin Quarter (which, by the way, has no relationship to the recent motu proprio), he would not have pushed Bombay off the front pages of NY's tabloids.


I would like to recommend to the board of directors of the club that all staff are to reply to requests to speak to husbands - most especially requests by wives - be answered with "Mr. ( ) is in the gym, madam/sir." That the club does not have a gym and that this is generally known fact is of no consequence.

Andrew Cusack

What on earth is "Plaxico Burress"? Sounds like a pharmaceutical company.

Card's wife

Happy Birthday!


OK, Happy Birthday too.
Andrew, Mr. Burress is a man who, like me earlier this year, visited the ER at Weill-Cornell Medical Center and was given vital medical assistance. Each of us could have gone instead to one of the hospitals run by Mayor Bloomberg, who is all over the media today attacking said Cornell hospital. Had we gone to a city-run hospital, Mr. Burress would probably have been arrested faster for apparent possession of unlicensed personal property (his gun) and I would have probably not made it out of the hospital alive. It is great to live in a city where many things are falling apart and the mayor is busy attacking the few things, such as a world class hospital, that still work within the city's borders. I know I have not answered your question--if you have not discovered the answer on your own by this Sunday, when I see you outside St. Agnes on East 43rd Street after the Latin Mass I will tell you who Mr. Burress is.


What about ladies and concealed weapons? Must I remove my thigh holster before I enter?

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