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November 08, 2008



I agree that we should honor Little Mac. In that spirit, I would point out that he did NOT lose the following battles:

- Thermopylae

- Carrae

- The Teutonberg Forest

- Hastings

- Long Island

- Austerlizt

- Little Big Horn

- Isandlwana

- Spion Kop

- Ypres

- Pearl Harbor

So, as they like to say, he's got THAT going for him!

Mrs. Peperium

I like his house.

Father M.

If you have to wear a Yankee uniform his is nice.


Well, he had a catchy campaign song:

"Little Mac! Little Mac! You're the Very Man!"

However the lyrics wouldn't go down well with Little Mac's current heirs in the Dem Party.

Mr. Peperium

Ok, I guess there's not much good to say about the man.

I was hoping, in the spirit of Stephen Sears' reevaluation of Joseph Hooker, that I might provoke some other saving graces from the communal memory bank of our readers and writers. The pickings, I admit, are slim.

Plucked up to the top command by a nation panicked after the failure at Bull Run, he proved himself an adept schoolbook soldier without a clue as to how to proceed after he left the airy realms of theory and rhetoric and met a real enemy on the battlefield. Which is probably why he so seldom set foot on the fields where his army fought--or made a decision without supplying himself with an escape hatch from blame.

Am I the only one feeling an eerie parallel to what we just did on the fourth of this month?


Now John, you'll never be alone feeling eerie at Patum Peperium.

Mr. Peperium

Gee, thanks Mr. Crackie. That helps a lot. I mean, if we're all feeling eerie then it really isn't eerie, right? I mean, an eerie feeling is a feeling that's out of the ordinary--that's what makes it eerie...but if we're all feeling it it can't be that eerie, right?

Naw. No good. I still feel eerie.

Mr. Peperium


Your trip down pre-Tin Pan Alley is eye-opening. I mean to get a glimpse of the Democratic Party before the New Deal enshrined them as the champions of da liddle guy.

But take heart--they eventually cast aside their racist past. Maybe someday all da liddle guys will notice that they just keep getting liddler when the Dems are at the helm.

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