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December 18, 2008


Fear and Loathing in Georgetown

I love hot chocolate. Mrs. FLG got some fat free/sugar free/chocolate free instant hot chocolate the other day and I spit it out. My exact words: "This is awful. It tastes like brown and water"

The Maximum Leader

I just bought El Cid for my dad for Christmas. I cheated and opened it and watched it.

Now I am thinking of Sophia Loren (c 1961) standing in a Spanish Alcazar in nothing but an apron trying to make hot chocolate over a open fire pit for me (in the role of El Cid).

Thanks for the distraction.

The Bovina Bloviator

Love the still from "Christmas in Connecticut." Evrytink eez hunky-dunky!

Mrs. Peperium

El Cid,

I did add that Sophia bit intentionally for you. Your little Christmas gift for putting together the D.C. shindig. The one where Robbo was the potty mouth. Of course Robbo's defense now is that it was the yam-yam talking, not him...

FLG, you must have a son...

BB, I adore Uncle Felix. I've always thought of Elizabeth Lane as the original Martha Stewart. Except the wounded soldier melted Elizabeth's ice.

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