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January 07, 2009



"Patum Peperium is sort of the Mount Suribachi of the Catholic Internet."

Very good!

Congratulations and best to Mrs FLG!

The Maximum Leader

Does that mean that Mrs P et al are the Japanese?


Please give me advance warning of the flag raising(s). Or was this the flag raising--analogies can be so confusing? And congratulations and our very best to Mrs. FLG.

Basil Seal

Marines also say "Kill'em all, let God sort'em out later" which is probably a more apt motto for those writing for PP unless one wanted to use "Nuke'em till they glow, shoot'em in the dark". Both will work...Welcome aboard ye grass combing bugger...By the way, who was the ghost writer? Four paragraphs and nary a swear word anywhere? He couldn't do it without help.

Mrs. Peperium

Basil, I really like "Nuke'em till they glow" as it puts a whole new spin on the first ditty I learned to play on the piano - Shine little glow worm. Glimmer. Glimmer.

Wouldn't it be grand to make a TV commercial with some adorable little moppet slowly playing that ditty on a Steinway cut against footage of great mushroom clouds in the sky?

Maxy, no, we're not the Japs.

Mr. P

Ok, so precisely what product would that TV spot you sketched out be advertising? Steinway pianos? A trendy preschool that teaches particle physics? Or are you thinking of that particularly mendacious and preachy type of commercial that would be unfamiliar to anyone born after say 1980-something. They usually featured noble Indians paddling through oil slicks with a drop of "tears-in-a-bottle" trickling down one cheek.

The last of this smelly genre showed a courtroom wherein the next generation (portrayed by a bunch of tow-headed youths who looked like they attended one of the better finishing schools) indicting the current generation (represented by a bunch of lecherous-looking old men in business suits) for amassing such an enormous national debt.

But, alas, like most commercials these too were titanic whoppers served up with a side order of fresh lie-berries. The planet is not extinct. The son of friends of ours is now up north teaching Indians about science so they, too, can start inventing things like internal-combustion computers and disposable houses. And our President-to-Be (voted in, presumably, by those tow-headed kids) just let on that we have to get used to our debt for some time to come.

Man, how did I get here from there?

Mrs. Peperium

"Ok, so precisely what product would that TV spot you sketched out be advertising?"

ACME Spot Remover, silly pants.

I bet chances are very good we could get Spielberg to shoot it. Thanks to Bernie Madoff, Spielberg cannot afford to be so picky about what he thinks is art.

Old Dominion Tory

Tow-headed children and atomic bombs? Pa! LBJ did that in 1964 to great, if short-lived, political effect. A conservative pal of mine once told me, "In 1964, my friends told me that if I voted for Barry Goldwater, we'd be at war within a year. I did, and we were."
As I recall, the same treacly combination was used in those ham-fisted "If-We-Don't-Ban-the-Bomb-We'll-All-Die-in-a-Nuclear-War" films of the early 1980s. They were, without exception, some of the more inadvertently hilarious productions of the decade.


And of course, that teary-eyed Indian was actually an Italian actor.

ODT, when I was in college in the mid-80's, there was a furious spat on campus because the infirmary resisted calls by the stooodent body to follow the lead of Brown University and stock cyanide capsules. You know, in case they dropped the Big One.

The Maximum Leader

Basil, I'll suggest the medieval precursor to the Marines "Kill them all and let God sort them out." Try on: "Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius." I believe this roughly translates as: "Kill them all. The Lord will know his own." This phrase is attributed to the Abbot Amaury during the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars in 13th Century.

I've used in my rotating tag line for years. I like it.

cs perry

Well...it’s hard to imagine that the incorrigible group of enthusiastic buggery artists and low-lifes that made up the standing membership of the Hell Fire Club could hope to have their reputation further tarnished…but here’s the evidence.

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown

Firstly, I will have nothing to do with buggery. However, their reputation has not been tarnished, but completely destroyed.

Old Dominion Tory

Robbo--Wow, "On the Beach" could have become "On the Campus." Too funny.

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