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January 08, 2009



Another avid pipe smoker, particularly in his latter years:


Mrs. Peperium



Mrs P, your article made me want to have a smoke.

As a longtime proletarian I would say you might have gone a little hard on the corncobs and the clays.

Myself I used to have a Douglas MacArthur: http://careysmokeshop.stores.yahoo.net/macarthurcob.html

And also a Gladstone:

(The Lady's Leg might make a nice Valentine's Day gift.)

But for upmarket, think estate pipes. Here's a site you and Mr P will appreciate: http://www.deadmanspipes.com/

Mrs. Peperium

Elk, Mr. P said the tobacconist had a full line of estate pipes.

That lady's leg was highly amusing. And it reminded me of when I was just a cub in the ad biz, one Christmas I gave one of my bosses - a Boston Latin grad - a pair of novelty sunglasses.

The sunglasses were fashioned from a plastic that was tinted to a perfect flesh tone. And the arms - I think that is what the folding parts that go over your ears are called - were formed into the pleasing shape of women's legs....

He almost died when he took them out of their handy carrying case. And then for about a month, whenever he reviewed my and my partner's latest concepts in his corner office of the Hancock Tower, he would put those glasses on to get a better look at my drawings. Which would cause me to laugh so hard I couldn't stand up...

Oh, those wonderfully fun politically incorrect days. Whatever has happened to them?


I'm not above finding my waspy accoutrements at TJ Maxx (you have to really, really look, but some of the stuff is there, like seersucker bathrobes). But I've never seen a smoking jacket at TJ Maxx.

I'll let you know asap if I do.

I the meantime, you have inspired me to start smoking a pipe. I think I'll try it. I know there are some old ones out at my parents'. I'll probably have to go on youtube or something to try to teach myself how to smoke it. But you only live once, and I had the insurance policy in place for Mrs NBS and the baby a few months ago. No tests to fail or questions to answer now.

Oh it's going to be great! I don't think I'll tell Mrs. NBS in advance, I think I'll surprise her. She'll walk in from a Junior League meeting and there I'll be, smoking my pipe by the fireplace. I must have the full "what the hell are you doing?!?!" for this to be worth it. Oh yes, I must.

It'll be right up there with the scene from a few weeks ago. Me, coming down the stairs at my parents', carrying the baby and a black case. "Good news!" I proclaimed. "I found my bagpipes." Fun times, fun times. Still trying to figure them out, they're all these little cork parts that are hopelessly dry. Not sure what to do about that.

Mrs. Peperium

NBS...youtube is Soviet-run. The old by the people for the people wheeze is alive and broadcasting over there. Stay away from it. At least for now. Give me some time (a fortnight) and I might just be able to come up with what you're looking for.

Old Dominion Tory

Truly, it comes almost naturally. Just remember that you're not pulling at Chesterfield after landing the Mustang at an East Anglian airfield, and that there is no set time by which you need to finish your smoke. Reigniting is, therefore, acceptable. Just make sure to get some pipe cleaners and an appropriate smoking tool (e.g., a "pipe nail.").
Soon, Mrs. NBS will see that, while smoking, you're the very picture of contentment and civility. And what civilized woman doesn't like that?

Mrs. Peperium

Exactly, ODT.

While pulling at the old whatever it is I have from Ireland, I noticed that the mere necessity of having to keep the thing lit and smoking was making me take my time while I exchanged civilities with Mrs. P. I do believe that this is at least one of the sources of the fabled soothing effect of tobacco.

Mr. Peperium

That was me. Not her- for once.

Andrew Cusack

I left my pipe in New York, would you believe it, and I am told it is now making its way to South Africa. No smoking jacket for me, though, seeing as it's summer.

Mrs. Peperium

Andrew, you are no longer in America. As such, an American smoking in South Africa is very bad form. Tobacco besides being most deadly, harming women and children most, was once farmed in America by slaves. Very insensitive to your new surroundings to not be sensitive this. Also it is insensitive not to be sensitive to the fact that in South Africa, its a matter of course to toss the unsensitive in jail. You must take more care if you do not want to not be an international incident.

Andrew Cusack

Well, I've only had one cigarette since I got here, and it was, appropriately, a Peter Stuyvesant that I bummed off a German. (The Germans here all think I'm Scottish for some reason, despite my constant correction of this error).

I've rather gone off cigarettes, but I hope this won't be interpreted as political correctness.


When I smoke I love a good joke I love to have fun and laugh I love to raid my friends stash.
When I smoke I eat all day and let my cares drift away my days often happen this way.
When I smoke I think about things for a while and my friends and how they make me smile.
When I smoke everything is ok though I don't go out much during the day, but all night I will play when I smoke

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