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February 05, 2009


Old Dominion Tory

Thank you, Mrs. Peperium, for putting my name and Ben Webster's in close proximity to each other. I am flattered.
As to the car, I indeed have experienced more than a few moments recently thinking that a nice new Cadillac would be just the ticket. That is, after a four-state bank robbery spree.


Thanks, Mrs P! My Mack Overnighter will win every contest on the Pike and 128, and I like that it comes with its own living room attached. All I have to do is find a little silver wheaten terrier for a hood ornament.


Could Father M's 'Vette come in a rag-top? That way he could cruise the Beltway sprinkling Holy Water hither and thither.

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown

The Challenger is an inspired choice. If I were single, then I would have tried to weasel the Wrangler. I had one in high school and I learned very quickly that chicks dig jeeps.


Please, Mr. FLG! Neither marriage nor children should in any way stop you from your Wrangler.

Mrs. R has never liked mine much, but I have forced her to learn to live with it.

On the other hand, when the gels and I are cruising around, top down and toons cranking, why they think I'm Superman.

Father M.

I like the vette!

A ragtop would definitely work. Somewhere around there is a great picture of Cardinal Mundelein of Chicago ridding in the back seat of a drop top Caddie at the procession to 1949 Eucharistic Congress in New Orleans. He is holding the monstrance and has two Knights of Columbus on either side of him with swords drawn.

Mrs. Peperium


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