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February 02, 2009



Perhaps it is all part of BXVI's Pastoral Outreach to Crackpots. Loonies need shepherding, too, no?

Mrs. Peperium

"Loonies need shepherding, too, no?"

Why do you think I became Catholic?


When I was 18, I took the 2-3 am shift at the Perpetual Adoration chapel in downtown Beaufort, SC. There was a hasp on the door, but that and a phone in the sacristy were the only safety devices available to us at that hour in those pre-cellular telephone days. I asked the priest about the hasp, and he said that I was to open the door to whoever knocked (they only had men take the overnights in those days, and it was assumed that any man who signed up could physically deal with anyone who came to the door and knocked.)

"Even the weirdos?" I asked.

"Especially the weirdos" Father said in response. "They're the reason we're up all night."

Mrs. Peperium


I just love it when the anti-Catholic press like the Guardian and the BBC go all anti-Catholic on the Pope. And us.

It's when they start celebrating the Pope and Catholicism we need to really worry...

Father M.

Meanwhile a liberal or doctrinal-problem-child would never have arched an eyebrow.

I think Bishop Wagner will give us quite an opera in the future and he is only 54!

Mr. WAC,
That was a smart pastor.


Fr. M.,

He is now (and will be until later this month) the administrator of the Diocese of Charleston.

Mrs. Peperium

Father, I'm surprised that both the BBC and the Guardian neglected their duty in reminding us that Linz is Hitler's hometown. And after WWII, the Iron Curtain ran right through it.

Perhaps they are saving these tidbits for later when Bishop Wagner begins his opera...


Msgr. Laughlin, by name. He founded Perpetual Adoration in Beaufort as a means of keeping the diocese from selling the (tiny) historic church downtown after he had finished the new church on Ladys Island (which, in 15 years, has been replaced by a yet larger church.) That 2-3 am Saturday spot that I took was his-he was just being transferred down the road to Hilton Head. He always took the 2-3 spot on Saturday and Sunday because, he said, he'd read some spiritual master had claimed that that was the hardest time to pray. Up all night on behalf of the weirdos-He's a priest's priest, for sure.

Mrs. Peperium

This morning I woke up to realize The Guardian, which I quoted from above regarding the appointment of Bishop Wagner threw a serious fast ball regarding the "Swiss theologian and Catholic priest" Hans Kung.

Heh. Good thing I've been spending my time the last decade or two trying to learn how to read the stitching on the fast balls....Let us read it shall we?

Why on earth, a reasonably informed Guardian reader should ask themselves does my paper of record indentify Hans Kung as a "Swiss Theologian" and a "Catholic priest"? Shoudn't it really read Catholic theologian and priest?" "Why does The Guardian think Swiss is a religion?

The Guardian knows Swiss is not a religion. This is the fast ball. The Guardian opted to designate Kung as a "Swiss" theologian because saying "Swiss" sounds so much nicer than saying "no longer allowed by the Vatican to teach theology to students". Kung is not allowed BY THE VATICAN to teach Catholic theology anywhere in the world. But the Vatican did let Kung retain his priestly duties which is why The Guardian then went on to accurately described Kung as a "Catholic priest". See how clever and deceptive The Guardian really is? (Oh, and as far as loonies and whackos go, Kung is loonier than either SSPX and me.)

And if The Guardian had informed its cough,cough, well-informed readers of Hans' true theologian status with the Vatican, then Kung's quote really wouldn't have held that much water, would it:

"The Pope risks losing the trust of millions of Catholics across the world."

This is merely a beautiful example of the pot calling the kettle black. Kung lost the trust of millions of Catholics -including his professional colleague at University, Professor (Father) Ratzinger- decades ago.

And the best is, now there are Guardian readers who actually think there are theologians of "Swiss". Must be experts on chocolate, cheese, and running the trains on time....

Old Dominion Tory

When he's not passing himself off as a "theologian," Hans Kung currently is promoting some form of syncretic religion. So, perhaps, it is correct that he is a theologian of "Swiss" *and* a Catholic priest. Though what the creed of Swiss perhaps is known only to Dr./Father Kung.

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