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February 04, 2009


The Maximum Leader

That just isn't fair to Marlee Matlin. Who I think is a pretty woman. The others are quite good.

Mrs. Peperium

"That just isn't fair to Marlee Matlin. Who I think is a pretty woman."

Who said Timothy Geithner is not as pretty?

Not me, that's for sure...

Fear and Loathing in Georgetown

Dick Van Dyke as Obama...funny, but very, very wrong.

George Pal

Yes to Redford and Kennedy - and such exceptional evocations of Shang Dynasty lacquerware.

George Pal

Obama’s 52 States, Pelosi’s 500 Milllion Americans – here lies the economic recovery plan – cook the books.

Old Dominion Tory

Now, now . . . let's not use these gaffes as an excuse to misunderestimate the President and the Speaker.

George Pal

What makes you believe they were gaffes? They may have been counting Mexico, Canada, Mexicans, and Canadians.

big spaniel

Dick Van Dyke


President Barack Obama

OK, now that explains EVERYTHING.......

big spaniel

Tom Daschle's '86 Campaign ad
(h/t- Cards' wife)

Tom Daschle had no business driving that '71 Chevy around town, burning oil like that, stinking up the whole place. And he's proud of it! How did it pass inspection?

Gee, that's maybe before he turned Green.....

Old Dominion Tory

Perhaps his wife, who was making the real money in the family as an airline-industry lobbyist, was indulging him, letting him have something that harkened back to his youth.
And, let's remember that the ad in question was cut about 23 years ago. At the time, the Democratic Party as well as many other people "in the know" were telling us that, unless we bought Chevies and Fords, we'd be the vassals of the Japanese. So, Tom's car gave him a quaint homespin quality, a quality that has been lost underneath million-dollar consulting fees, a chauffered Cadillac, and very odd eyewear.

Mrs. Peperium

Hi big spaniel! How's the new boss-lady?

Old Dominion Tory

No need to ask Big Spaniel, Mrs. Peperium, because in the golden two weeks that was the Obama Honeymoon, the press informed us that Mrs. Clinton had been greeted by the staff at Foggy Bottom as "a liberator." So, he must be nigh intoxicated with joy--if he knows what's good for him.

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