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March 31, 2009



Obama's gift to the Queen: an Ipod.


Old Dominion Tory

One must stand in utter wonderment at the utterly pedestrian tastes of this Administration.
Do we not have in the United States designers, artists, and craftsmen capable of designing and executing something in good taste and of lasting value? Does Tiffany's or Steuben Glass ring a bell?
Well, at least we can be happy that the President did not present Her Majesty with signed copies of his own books or load the IPod with audio recordings of them.


Give 'em time.

Who was that character in Harry Potter played by Kenneth Branagh who autographed copies of his memoirs titled "Marvelous Me"?

Could it be the Obama (and Hillary) staffs are populated by those children of the 60s Baby Boomers who were raised without any traditional sense of etiquette (their '68er parents having thrown away manners in the name of freedom and liberation)? You get a sense that a generation or two now has been raised that not only doesn't know how to dress for a special occasion or handle a knife and fork, but hasn't cultivated any real sense of taste.


Also, ODT, say what you will about Jack and Jackie K, but can you imagine them pulling anything like the O's (with their DVDs and Ipods)?

The Clinton-Obama Dems revere the class of JFK without any real sense of how to replicate it. Perhaps because they simply don't have it.

Old Dominion Tory

The second paragraph in your latest comment, Irish Elk, is perhaps the most insightful I have read in some time.
The enduring imagery to the contrary, JFK was not all that sophisticated (one biographer called him "a burger-and-beer" type of fellow). He succeeded in seeming so because he had the wisdom to defer to Jackie in matters of taste and style. Thus, I cannot conceive of the Kennedy Administration making such a gaffe.
Oh, by the way, it now is reported that, besides images of Her Majesty's visits to the United States and a collection of show tunes (many of which are wretched), the I-Pod presented to HM the Queen included two of Obama's speeches. Thus, the crime of social ineptitude is compounded with that of self-absorption.

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