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March 13, 2009


The Maximum Leader

What a great way of getting to the shrimp recipe.

(I believe the answer to your first question is "me" by the way.)

I am having oysters tonight. I'll try and do shrimp next week.


A classic. Mrs P, when your collected essays are published this must be included.

Old Dominion Tory

What a splendid tale, and, at the end, a nice reward: what looks like a delectable shrimp recipe. Irish Elk is correct; this one needs to be included in the first volume of essays.

Father M.

Mrs. P.,
Mazel tov on your story for keeping "kosher" for Lent!

Thank you.


Oh, thankee, Mrs. P!

Since you people lured me across the Tiber, I have tried to keep Fridays kosher myself and the fact of the matter is that I really dislike fish.

Father M.

By the way, this post reminds me of a song:


Andrew Cusack

All Asian food rebels against my system, for reasons completely unknown to me. This is rarely a problem for me, since I hate Asian food (though some have naturally speculated that I only hate the taste of Asian food because I subconsciously associate it with being grievously ill afterwards).

I do miss our St Andrews tradition of "fish-and-film Fridays" during lent, when we would gather anywhere from six to a dozen or so friends, order fish-and-chips from PM's on Market Street, and watch a suitably improving cinematic DVD presentation. (Ranging from "The Cardinal" to the Richard E. Grant "Scarlet Pimpernel").

This was made even more complete by that fact that there was a Friday evening mass in the Chaplaincy, so we had mass, then fish-and-chips, and then a movie, which is just about as nice a Friday as you can get.

Disturbingly, I have not yet found fish and chips in the university town of Stellenbosch. Even the mass-produced, kit Irish bar doesn't have it on the menu, which is so scandalous I've considered contacting the Irish legation in Cape Town.

Lacking fish, I try to stick to pasta.

Mrs. Peperium

Andrew, try Archbishop Tutu. He might set up some sort of fish and chip reconciliation group or encourage sanctions...

Father, per the song, I completely left out of the story the last club of the night had a newfangled toy my friend and I just had to give a whirl. It was technological breakthrough called " karoake" (sp?).

We did a rousing rendition of Born in the U.S.A.....

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