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March 10, 2009



ET looks much more human than Carville. Mental experiment: which one would the butler allow in the tradesmen's entrance with a delivery?


Mrs. Peperium

"ET looks much more human than Carville."

That's because ET is not a feminist.

Old Dominion Tory

I have often thought that Mr. Carville should have been cast as Gollum in the Lords of the Rings trilogy.


Of course, Ron Reagan Jr. (who has always reminded me of Christopher Buckley) loved the ballet too. So many apples, so far from the trees.

But anyway... Rahm went to Sarah Lawrence. Not to be rude, but what self respecting man goes to a college named Sarah Lawrence?

I don't think you need to a Ph.D. in abnormal pych to see what is going on here. He's a twinkle toes his whole life and then turns into this mean, obnoxious Chicago pol. What's he trying to prove? What he couldn't, at ballet school? Sure, some political skills take talent, usually male. And that's what he's attempting...bravado. But in reality, his is the politics of the catty female.

He may be White House chief of staff, but I don't think he's going to find what he's looking for.

Mrs. Peperium

He's Sarah Lawrence? This is terrible because he's the kind of Old Girl that gives the rest of us Old Girls bad reputations. Rule No. 1 : Old Girls do not curse : They pay others to curse for them.

Read this and see how on the mark NBS is -(WashTrib) :

Posted November 6, 2008 2:45 PM

by Mark Silva

The meaning of Rahm Emanuel's first name, as he explained to a white-tie crowd of Washingtonians with tongue planted firmly in cheek not long ago: "Go Screw Yourself.''

This, of course, was Emanuel's way of acknowledging in good humor his own reputation for a salty tongue and fiery demeanor in the heat of political battle. And now that the congressman from Chicago is headed from the heat to the kitchen -- reportedly accepting the pivotal job of chief of staff for President-elect Barack Obama -- he inevitably will be courting a new reputation.

Emanuel also will be forfeiting his dream of becoming speaker of the House as he shifts from Capitol Hill to the West Wing in January. When Emanuel addressed a dinner of the Gridiron Club early last year, speaking alongside Vice President Dick Cheney, he jokingly suggested that his own leadership role in the House of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, chairman of the Democratic caucus, isn't all that exalted. He called himself her "valet.''

"Actually, Nancy gave me two very important tasks as soon as she became speaker,'' Emanuel told the Gridiron on March 31, 2007. "Sit down and shut up.''

"I got pretty mad,'' he said, working his script with the timing of a seasoned comedian. "I said there is only one woman in my life who can order me around like that...

"Hillary Clinton.''

They say Emanuel is profane, nasty and always throwing his weight around, Cheney noted at that dinner - "My opinion of the man? He's vice presidential material.''

"Senator (Barack) Obama and I don't just share a home state,'' Emanuel said of his fellow Illinoisan back then, early in the campaign that has resulted in Obama's election as president. "We also share exotic names that were given to us by our fathers -- Barack, which in Swahili means 'blessed,' and Rahm, which, roughly translated from Hebrew, means 'go screw yourself.'''

Twinkle toes gone bad....

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