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March 18, 2009



Tremendous work.

But still trying to figure out when Christopher Hitchens ever "passed for decent."

And I mean that in the old-fashioned, common law sense.


I got the treat of seeing the Iron Lady in action during Prime Minister's Question Time once or twice while hanging about Parliament in 87/88.

I still remember the time that Neil Kinnock got up and decided he was going to be funny, snide and condescending about some issue or other (I forget which) for which the P.M. had been receiving some flak in the press. Mrs. Thatcher took Kinnock's remarks, crumpled them up into a figurative ball and proceeded to jam them right back down his throat. He was so stunned by her reply that he simply sank down on to the bench, his eyes bugged out and his jaw hanging sideways.

Dave C

Neil or Joe Biden..

I forget who said what first..

Mark J. Goluskin

I believe that you forgot another Silver Spoon critic. That would be David Frum. This is an excellent post!


Chris Hitchens is rabidly anti-religious and has a bee in his bonnet for Christianity.

But I do not see any trace of snobbery, here or in his other public words.

Surely you are mistaken in including him in this list.

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