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May 01, 2009



Mrs P, I've found them -- my old walrus tusks! They were indeed in my mom's barn, and need a good dusting. But I do have an extra one if you need a stirrer.

Mrs. Peperium

Elk,thanks. Yes. Do you know what you picture made me remember?

One day -- a Saturday-- I was shopping on Newbury Street with a friend near Clarendon- used to be great dress shops there -- and this whomping - yes whomping -Mercedes starts honking at me and the person in the passenger seat is going nuts waving. I lift up my Ray Bans to see who it is and it's the very nice receptionist of more mature years -she was probably my current age. So, it turns out as she told me the next Monday the Mercedes was her fiance's car. Then she started telling me about her fiance - about 15-20 years more mature than her - grew up on Beacon Hill, winter villa in Bermuda and forget where summer home was and she met him when she was selling flowers from a pushcart in Quincy Market. She said he had never met anyone so relaxed as her or words to that effect and said for instance, he likes me to play chess with him. I think that's a little boring so yesterday when we were playing, I excused myself and went into the bedroom and came back wearing a Indian feather headdress, a blanket - and puffing on one of his pipes....

I asked what was his response.

She said his eyes were focused on the game but after I sat down, he, without lifting his head reached up and took his pipe from her. After taking a few puffs from it, aking his move on the chess board, he handed her the pipe back.

I walked back to my office with a better understanding as to how a woman gets a whomping Mercedes....


How, indeed.

Andrew Cusack

Bah humbug!

Real New Yorkers are devoted to St. Nicholas!

Mrs. Peperium

Cough, cough. Real New Yorkers don't reside in South Africa....

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