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May 27, 2009



For some reason, the thought of Limbaugh au naturel does not evoke the same titillation in me...

Mrs. Peperium


Christine, look what Father Cutie has gone and done:


Mrs. Peperium

He thinks he's Nicolas Sarkorzy...



Not sure I see Rush as a stud, but I do see him as a leader, a teacher, and one of very few the conservatives have right now.

Mrs. Peperium

Hi Debbie! How are you?

As for this stud question and the stud in question, I am the kind of girl who is attracted by the mind, not the body.

And Rush has the mind so he's more than attracted my attention.....he's maintained it for more than 15 years. How many men can say that besides Mr. P?

Off hand I can only think of maybe 5....

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