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June 19, 2009


Old Dominion Tory

This brings to mind one of my favorite scenes from a Thin Man movie in which Nick drinks milk in order to provide a good example to his son.
Earlier in the film, he provides an even better example by teaching his son how to read the Daily Racing Form. Good man!

Mrs. Peperium

ODT, that brings to mind one day when the kids and I were grocery shopping at our one of our hamlet's posh markets. RKFDIL was almost 4 and Little Bertie almost 2. In one of the aisles she spied the rows of maraschino cherries in glass jars. At the top of her lungs, she asked,

"Mommy, do we need more cherries for Daddy's juice?"

The other shoppers in near vicinity stopped what they were doing to hear my response, "No. Daddy just bought a new jar."

Mr. P drinks Manhattans...hence the need for cherries in his juice....

Old Dominion Tory

A great tale. Glad to see that your children have been well-schooled from a young age.
One of my nieces introduced the term, "Dad's Juice" for adult beverages into our extended family's vernacular many years ago.


My daughter calls Daddy's golden fizzy drinks "boisson gazeuse"...

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