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June 25, 2009



Reptile malfunction, eh? There's GOT to be a trouser-snake joke in there somewhere. DANGER, Will Robinson!


Time to get an iPod, so you can avoid commercial radio.


Country music SAFE for kids? Remember that when you here Big and Rich's "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" and need to explain it.

Country can be just as crude as rap, just in a much more clever way.


Ugh. "Hear", not "here".


Go to CD's: George Strait, Randy Travis, Allen Jackson....

And I agree about Big & Rich.

Mrs. Peperium


The first time I heard Big & Rich's Save a horse, I thought, I really didn't just hear that did I?

Then I realized I did. Then I thought, well what else would you expect from cowboys who called themselves Big & Rich? The general rule of thumb being if you have to say it - you aren't....

The kids are aware many songs are not for listening and are not surprised when the radio gets shut off quickly.


Ha! Whenever I listen to Rush in the hope of hearing Mrs P I am always amazed at the spate of reptile dysfunction ads. This led me to wonder why the putative spokesman for Conservative Virtue was countenancing reptile dysfunction ads in the middle of the day when kids could hear them, but it has since occurred to me that it's the local channel that's running the ads between segments of Rush (who's for free enterprise, not necessarily for Dr Richard Sandore's potent bedroom elixirs per se).

Elelctric bicycles

Hah, i would have like to see your face during that moment, and you should check your steering wheel too to see if there is no bumps on it.


Is it reptile malfunction or reptile dysfunction? Is it a question of intent, and if so how is that determined?

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